TripIt’s Latest Update for Android Adds Android Wear Support and More

Ever since 2015, I’ve been using TripIt exclusively as my “go-to” travel app. So even though I use my iPhone as my daily driver, I made certain to update my Samsung Galaxy as TripIt’s most recent update has landed support for Android Wear, on top of having a brand new design!


Introduced today, TripIt for Android Wear will easily allow you to access the information you need for your travels such as flight, hotel and car rental information all from a glance at your wrist. Created from the ground up for the Android Wear experience, you’ll now be able to get all of the gate information you need as soon as you arrive at the airport, and if you have TripIt Pro, you’ll even receive real-time alerts such as flight connections, gate glances and even delays all without pulling your phone out of your bag.

With other updates such as the ability to merge trips together, you’ll now have the ability to quickly access maps, so you will no longer need to use another third-party app for figuring out where your hotel is.


With direct access to these maps, all it takes now is a long press to copy the address of a location in order to get specific directions. Unknown-2

Other UI changes make the app a bit more beautiful with things such as the ability to highlight key information, courtesy of enhanced icons to show various segments of your trip, and a new floating action button that allows you to quickly access what you need in a moments notice.


If you are an iOS user, now your Trip List will be a lot more seamless as you’ll be able to modify the way you display your upcoming trips based on if you’re traveling or not traveling, even down to your past trips.

Overall, I only use TripIt, and with the new update, they have managed to both land themselves a spot on one of my home screens, instead of buried deep down into a folder until I need it. Available in Google Play and the App Store, you should download the TripIt App today.

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