B?T Vodka Is a Clear Winner

Even though I’m the biggest Whiskey enthusiast I know, I still have love and appreciation for a good vodka from time to time. So when Minnesota-based Beet Spirits sent over their BET VODKA spirit, I was pretty excited to switch it up from dark to light again.


Founded by Ben Brueshhoff and Jearad Poling, the two friends created what is a very smooth tasting vodka. Now I’m no expert when it comes to spirits, but as a casual (and very social) drinker, I can for sure distinguish the bad from the good, and Bet Vodka is certainly the latter. Created from 100% sugar beets, Bet Vodka ($34.99) is Minnesota’s first vodka distilled strictly from these beets. Minnesota is actually the #1 grower of sugar beets in the country, so it’s no surprise that the pair would team up with the Minnesota Department of Agriculture to distill their vodkas in their distillery located in New Richmond, Wisconsin.


Bet Vodka is certainly a vodka that you should sip, versus attempting to throw back shots of it with your buddies. While I typically mix my vodka with Sprite (not Sierra Mist because they are not the same by ANY means), Bet Vodka’s entire approach, even from the two small bottles I received have a certain elegance that you’d want to honestly just drink with an ice-cube or two.


Or if you’d like to chill, I suggest throwing in the freezer for an hour before serving and drinking it neat. Vodka is expected to be clean drinking and Bet Vodka is pretty much as close to that as you will get. Most vodka’s attempt to stay flavorless, and Bet is a lot of the same. You can easily go from creating a martini with this, or mixing it with a juice if you desire a citrus taste to it.


The vodka is both grain and gluten-free, it’s not very sweet by any means (courtesy of there being no wheat) and I have enjoyed the sudden switch from whiskey. This isn’t a permanent move for me, Bet Vodka is certainly not Sdveka, and it tastes MUCH better than my prior favorite vodka, Ketel One and has actually replaced it as my go-to clear spirit.

For more information about Bet Vodka, you can head to their site today!

Source: Manufacturer Supplied Review Unit

What I Like: The crisp smooth taste of the vodka honestly doesn’t need to be mixed at all.

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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