Native Union’s Tag Cable Is Now Available

Native Union is a brand that I trust in everything from cases to cables, so whenever they announce a new product has launched, I’m typically ON it, so it’s no different with their latest venture, the TAG, a luxury charging cable made for your bag!


Launched today, the TAG cable is made to fix those first-world problems of yours, mainly never having a cable when you need it the most. Like their key cable, the TAG cable is a slight upgrade from the braided theme you’d expect from Native Union. The charge and sync cable is made completely of genuine leather and designed to loop around any bag or key holder that you have. This is perfect for the day-to-day user like me, who manages to never have a cable when they need it handy the most. Available in black and tan, you can complement your favorite items with the TAG. One thing I love that Native Union seems to have incorporated nicely is the fact the charging connectors are actually concealed by a clochette so it will not get damaged while exposed to the elements.


Fabien Nauroy, Head of Design at Native Union, comments:

“In our modern day-to-day lives having a charging cable on you at all times has become a necessity. Our design approach when creating the TAG Cable was not only to make sure that you can charge your device when you need it most, but also to stylishly complement your fashion accessories.”

 Available today for only $49.99, Native Union has again made another product both fashionable and functional. For more information head over to their site today!

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