The WaterField Designs Duo Dopp Kit Is a Great Father’s Day (or Self’s Day) Gift

I love Waterfield products and always get excited when they introduce something new. In this case, “something new” is their new Duo Dopp Kit. The Duo Dopp Kit is designed for both daily use and travel use and is a fantastic way to organize grooming items. It works great for organizing and carrying tech gear too!


The Duo Dopp Kit comes in either lightweight, durable waxed canvas or a sleek black ballistic nylon. Personally, I’m partial to Waterfield’s ballistic nylon but both look great! The Duo includes two water-resistant compartments that keep items separated and organized.

The zippers extend to three of the sides so the case can be opened and lay flat on a surface for easy access to everything inside.


Of course since this is a Waterfield product there is a leather handle. In this case the handle doubles as a hook for hanging the Dopp kit for when you need to save counter space.


As WaterField owner Gary WaterField explains: 

“The new Duo Dopp Kit is a terrific two-compartment case for organizing gear. It has so much flexibility—there are a hundred different ways you can make it work for you. It’s deep enough to hold grooming items or even tech gear, and soft enough to compress so it packs neatly into your luggage; it’s an ideal travel companion.”

As previously noted, the Duo Dopp Kit’s main self-locking zipper extends past three sides. This allows the Kit to open all the way up and lie flat, providing access to two deep, interior mesh pockets that close with locking zippers and separate liquids and gels from other items to best organize toiletries.


Each pocket is, in turn, lined with gold, water-resistant nylon to help light up the interior. This is a feature on many of their bags and backpacks and I absolutely love the way it helps me find what is inside! Yet despite its prowess at holding a great deal, the Kit compresses to fit into luggage or carry-on bag.

A year ago I began a morning ritual that involves a shaving brush and high-end razor. For people like me Waterfield recommends using the iKon Razor Case to keep razors safely separated from other Duo Dopp Kit contents. For good measure, Waterfield notes that their Vitesse Duffel or Vitesse Messenger bag easily stow the new Dopp Kit for light travel days!


The Duro Curo Dopp Kit measures 9.5″ X 5″ X 3.5″ and weighs just 6.5oz. It is available here for $79!

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