Brooklyn Bedding Has “One Mattress to Rule Them All”

Brooklyn Bedding’s website offers the tagline “One Mattress to Rule Them All.” It’s an interesting statement but slightly inaccurate. You see, this is the third “bed in a box” I’ve reviewed, and it’s the one that offers the most options. In addition to a range of sizes, it also offers a range of firmness. And the price can’t be beat.

The range of sizes is impressive. There is the twin, the twin xl, the full, the full xl, the queen, the queen short, the king, the California King and the California king split. That’s a rather impressive range of sizes. And if that wasn’t enough, each size bed is available in soft, medium and firm. That’s a more varied selection of sizes and firmness than we have seen. Even better, they are priced nicely with the twin running $450 and the split California King costing $1050.


As the company notes:

A mattress that makes sense and feels great, built with comfort options for every type of sleeper. We’ve combined luxurious materials designed to sleep cool, bounce back, and minimize motion transfer. Get ready to experience sleep the way it was intended.


The Brooklyn Bedding mattress ships compressed directly from their factory. Once the mattress arrives, you open the box and simply cut the plastic compressing the mattress.


The mattress immediately begins to expand into the familiar shape you’ve been sleeping on since you first escaped your crib. Interestingly, this mattress not only achieved its final size more rapidly than the previous “beds in a box” I have reviewed, but it also had far less of the strong latex smell than I’ve experienced in the past. Those two elements of this mattress made for a more positive initial experience and had me impressed “right out of the box.”


The design of the mattresses is something worthy of note thanks to four different layers of material baked into each mattress. And, as you might expect, each layer serves a different purpose.


At the top of each mattress is a quilted cotton cover. This is:

A breathable and quilted pillow top cover that sleeps cool and offers luxurious cloud-like comfort. Our cover is quilted in-house and made entirely in the USA – we believe in using only the highest quality fabrics, no shortcuts.

Beneath it is a two-inch layer of Talalay latex. This is:

The perfect comfort layer that contours the shape of your body for unparalleled comfort and support.

Below that is a two-inch layer of Dunlop Latex. This:

Acts as a perfect transition between the comfort and core layer, to prevent the bottom-out feeling.

Finally, the are six inches of High-Density Convoluted Poly Foam. This is:

A high quality and durable foam core, built to last and resist sagging for any weight range.

The three layers of the mattress and the quilted cover come together to create a mattress that strives to offer a great night of sleep.

Heres’s my video review:

That noted, buying a bed sight unseen and untested is kind of crazy. Or… It would be, were it not for the fact that the company offers A 120-night trial. Use the mattress for 120 nights and, if you don’t love it you can simply return it. And if that wasn’t enough, not only does the bed ship for free but, if you don’t love it and decide to return it, you can do so for free as well. In other words, this is a bed you can seriously test without any risk. Zero. Zip. Nada. Now THAT’S a company that believes in its product.

Try your mattress for 120 nights! There’s no rush, love your mattress or return it for free! No drama, we pick up the mattress for you and refund you in full.

Brooklyn Bedding not only believes in their product, but they take pride in the fact that it is US-made as well. That’s right, the mattress is made in the company factory in Phoenix, AZ, and it is the result of 20 years of experience in the bedding industry.


I really like this mattress. It is comfortable, stays cool and is a pleasure to sleep on. That, however, is only part of the story. You see, Brooklyn Bedding isn’t just a “bed in a box” company. No, it is a full sleep solution company that also offers pillows and sheets.


The company was kind enough to send two of their pillows along when I received the mattress review sample. There is a Queen size pillow for $39.99 and a King pillow for $55.99. Both are available as either Firm or Plush.


As much thought went into the pillows as it did the mattress. The result? A moisture-wicking, removable cover made of charcoal bamboo material and a core of cool, responsive latex that “does not retain heat, and contours to the shape of your head”.


I received one of each and can honestly say they are both great. The plush one is comfortable to bury your head in if you are a stomach sleeper. The firm one is excellent when laying on my back with it placed beneath the arch of my neck. I tend to have back and neck issues, and I find the firm one lets me wake in the morning with far less neck stiffness than I usually encounter.

The company also sells sheet sets and an innovative foundation that folds up for easy moving and sets up in seconds. I did not, however, get to try either of those.

Brooklyn Bedding is an impressive company with some terrific products. The design of the mattress is excellent and the range of choices, with regard to both size and firmness, is something I have not previously experienced with a “bed in a box” company. Add in the superb pillows and you have a complete sleeping solution from a single vendor. And, thanks to the company’s 120-day worry-free trial, there’s no risk to trying one of these beds. My suggestion? If you are in the market for a new mattress, then you owe it to yourself to check out Brooklyn Bedding. Try one of their mattresses and a few pillows. If you don’t love them, simply send them back. The company is pretty sure you won’t be doing that; I am too. You can learn more here.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review samples

What I Like: Nice range of options; Free shipping; 120 day trial with free return if not happy; Thoughtful design yields a bed that is a sleeper’s delight

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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