PKparis K’asq Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset: No Wires Whatsoever

Most of the “wireless” headphones we’ve reviewed still have a wire that connects to each of the earphones on either side of the wearer’s head; the PKparis K’asq Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset removes that wire and puts the entire package in each of the wearer’s ears. How well could that possibly work?

7-PK Paris K'asq Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset 2369x1261

K’asq wireless headphones feature:

• High quality sound (4/5 by AA Lab.)
• Anti-fall system and IP55 waterproof
• 13h total battery life earbuds + chargebox
• 3 customized colors
• Noise reduction up to -40%
• Hands-free kit (microphone)
• Certified IP55, rainproof for tropical rains
• Anti-fall system with patent
• K’asq : 90 mAh, 5-hours battery life in active mode, 100h in off mode, 1h45 charging time
• Switches off after 90 sec with no connection
• Displays battery level on smartphone (iOS and most Android)

There are two color sets available: sport grey and city white. For this review, we’ll focus on the city white version. Inside the package, you’ll find the headphones, three sets of differently sized ear hooks, three sets of ear tips, and three color rings so you can customize the earpieces a bit.

04-PK Paris K'asq Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset 2823x2523

A carry pouch and charging case are included.

K’asq has 5-hours on-the-go battery life to listen to music or calls, which is a record for that size of headphones. Bring an additional 8-hours battery life within the chargebox that can be charged anywhere thanks to its integrated USB cable.

To save battery, K’asq will automatically switch off after 90sec with no connection. You can also see its battery level on your smartphone.

1-PK Paris K'asq Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset 3510x2042

With the rubber ring installed, each headphone measures 1.2″ long x 0.8″ wide by 0.6″ thick and weighs 0.02 ounces. I know that these close-up pics make the earpieces look huge, but they really aren’t; once they are in your ears you’ll feel them, but they are very light and comfortable.

4-PK Paris K'asq Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset 1749x1876

There are three easy to feel buttons on each earpiece; on the top are the + and – buttons for adjusting the volume, moving to the next or previous songs. On the back side, there’s a power button that also functions as a play/pause button and an answer/switch/end call button.

As you saw, there are three differently sized ear hooks and three different sized ear tips (they are all interchangeable); I would learn that the medium-sized ear hook coupled with the smallest sized ear tip created my perfect fit.

1-PK Paris K'asq Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset 3629x1762

This is the portable charger; it has a built-in USB cable that uses a magnet to keep it tucked against the box when not in use.

05-PK Paris K'asq Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset 3613x1902

Before you use the K’asq headphones for the first time, you should set them in the box to charge. The slots are labeled right and left, and you basically just need to place them in the box so that the gold-colored charging pins are lined up with the charging contacts on each earpiece.

09-PK Paris K'asq Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset 3887x2016

When the box is plugged in (or if it still has a charge left on its internal battery) and the earpieces are inside it, the LED on the top of each bud will glow indicating that they are properly seated. Closing the box with the earpieces inside will ensure that the right amount of pressure is being applied to correctly charge them.

10-PK Paris K'asq Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset 2923x2020

If the charging case is not connected to a computer when you place the earpieces inside,  the three LEDs on its end will blink to show the charge progressing. Once charging is complete, the LEDs will stop glowing.

If the charging case is plugged into a USB port, the earphones will charge first, and then the case’s charge will top off. The LEDs will blink as the battery charges, and they will glow solid once the headphones and their case are fully charged.

8-PK Paris K'asq Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset 3348x2474

There are two ways to wear the earpieces: straight out is what PKparis calls “town mode” which basically means that the mic is facing forward. When the earpiece is angled upward, they are in “sport mode”, which is more secure. Notice where the ear hook moves depending upon how you are wearing the headphones; you don’t move the ear hook itself, you tilt the earpiece inside your ear.

pkparis kasq modes

photo courtesy of PKparis

When you place the in-ear headphones in your ear and turn them on, a female voice will say “power on”, and assuming you’ve paired them with your phone, you’ll hear her say “connected”. That’s pretty straightforward.

Sound through the K’asq headphones is surprisingly good; it’s not overly bass heavy, but you can definitely hear it. The sound is clear, and music sounds very good — if a little on the treble side; you can adjust your music players equalizer, and it will make a difference. Background sound is cut down to the point where it is nearly muted; they say the headphones are ~40% noise canceling, and that sounds about right. You can still hear things around you, but they are much less noticeable; I had to remove the earpieces to hear what someone across the room was saying to me.

Photo courtesy of PKparis

photo courtesy of PKparis

Calls are clear; in my tests Kev was only able to tell that I was on a headphone after I mentioned it … so I’d say that’s pretty good. He sounded completely clear on my end.

There’s also this handy feature:

In the rare scenario of losing K’asq, the user can trigger a progressive alarm from their phone or smartwatch to locate the earbuds, in the same way you make your phone ring to find it (alarm available to download on

I can attest that the headphones are comfortable for wearing while walking, hiking, and jogging. I even wore them while doing a few flips on our playground’s monkey bars — they stayed in place. I love that there is no cable rubbing against the back of my neck.

If you are looking for a set of wireless headphones that will last you all day, that are comfortable for walking and working out, that are water and sweat proof, and that will stay put in your ears — take a look at the PKparis K’asq. They look good, sound good, and they are surprisingly versatile.

The PKparis K’asq Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset retails for $143.96, and it is available in sport grey or city white directly from the manufacturer.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: The in-ear headphones are extremely light; Once you find the right ear hook, they are very securely placed in your ear; They hold a five-hour charge; The charging case protects the earpieces when you aren’t wearing them and it adds an additional 8 hour’s charge;

What Needs Improvement: If you like super bass, you may need to adjust your phone’s EQ

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