Pyramid Distribution Brings Us the iGoGo TV and Android-Based TV-Box

Pyramid Distribution Brings Us the iGoGo TV and Android-Based TV-Box

Today we heard about a cool new set-top box for your HDTV from Pyramid Distribution, called the iGoGo TV. The iGoGo is an Android-powered box that brings a robust ‘smart TV’ experience to your home. Because it is based on standard Android 2.3, it means you will be able to run tons of the same Android apps you already know and love.

Featuring wired and wireless networking, support for 1920x1080p full HD, 4GB built-in memory expandable to 32GB by micro SD, support for USB hard drives for unlimited storage, and more.

The iGoGo also includes a 2MP webcam with microphone, so you can use Skype to chat with folks anywhere around the world and see them on your big screen TV! And since the system comes with a remote that can be upgraded to an ‘air mouse & keyboard’, you can also use the system for social networking, email, and other apps!

Here are some of the details:

Pyramid Distribution introduce a new product Magic-Pro iGoGo TV is an Intelligent Android TV Box that
embedded Android 2.3.1 OS. What does it mean? It means that you can now enjoy thousands and
thousands of Android Apps on your large screen Television! For sure Internet surfing, movie watching,
games playing are now moved to your TV too!

What’s more, iGoGo TV built-in both WiFi and LAN port, freely enjoy high speed browsing by wired or
wireless highway. There is a HDMI output port on iGoGo TV support 1920 x 1080P Full HD, easily be
connected to large screen TV and support various video format such as MPEG 1,2,4, H264, HTML5, FLV
etc. It built-in 4GB internal memory, you will never think it is not enough because it supports microSDHC
in max. 32GB, and moreover it supports external Harddisk by its USB ports!

Another featured function of iGoGo TV (MP-188) is that it built-in 2-megapixels WebCam & Microphone
for Skype call, since iGoGo TV is designed to mount on top of LED/LCD TV, the WebCam will be just fit
the angle for video calls – just sit or stand in front of the TV, keep connected with relatives, friends,
colleagues, clients etc face to face.

Last but not least, iGoGo TV’s standard package bundle with a 2.4GHz RF Air Mouse remote control, and
optional upgrade to 2.4GHz RF Air Mouse + Keyboard, to form the best combination for Internet
browsing, gaming, chatting and working etc.

Here are some of the hardware features:

ARMCortex-A8 1GHz Processor
Built-in 512MB DDR3 & 4GB NAND Flash (Support: External MicroSDHC & USB HDD/Flash Drive)
Built-in 2-megapixel Webcam & Mic (MP-188 only)
Includes 2.4GHz Wireless Air-Mouse-Keyboard
Android 2.3.1 OS (Online Firmware Update)
Support 1080P Full HD Video Decoding for Most Video Format
Video output : HDMI 1.3 AV-Out/ Audio Output: HDMI 1.3, AV-Out
Net Interface : WiFi/Ethernet
Model No: Magic-Pro iGoGo TV – Android TV Box (Built-in Webcam & Mic) – MP188
Retail Price: US$188

Head to Pyramid Distribution for more info or to buy the iGoGo!

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