Naim’s Mu-so Hi-Fi Home Stereo System Is One Amazing Home Audio System

One thing that my home way truly missing was a really good home stereo/music system, so while shopping around I stumbled across the Mu-so by Naim Audio. While expensive at $1499, the speaker gets the job done!


Naim’s Mu-so speaker is the first and only wireless music system made by the Hi-Fi system manufacturer; its connectivity includes Airplay, Bluetooth/aptX, Spotify Connect, Tidal, UPnP, Internet Radio, Multi-room features, USB, Analogue and digital inputs, and it is compatible with both Android and Apple devices. In other words, there’s not much this beautiful system cannot connect to, compared to brands like Bowers & Wilkins or Phillips. Here are a few specs on the Naim Mu-so Premium Speaker:

• Input Type: 3.5mm Stereo Jack, USB

• Connections: Bluetooth, AirPlay, 1/8 Inch Stereo, Wireless

• Speaker Configurations: Stereo

• Power Source: AC

• Height: 4.72 in./12 cm

• Length: 10.24 in./26 cm

• Width: 24.7 in./62.8 cm

• Weight: 24.7 lb./11.2 kg

When I first received the box in the mail, my concierge told me that I’d need to use the freight cart; I thought she was joking. But I will say, the packaging is pretty hefty. But once you get everything unwrapped, you end up with a beautiful speaker that will make you want to make room on your television stand. I know I did!


Having a television that is not mounted to a wall doesn’t do the Mu-So by Naim any justice in my opinion because it does look rather cluttered sitting on my television stand. But the upside is that the Mu-so is still VERY fantastic. The Naim is built from aluminum, which blended in well sitting in front of my television, but be advised that since the Mu-so is pretty tall itself, your view of your television will be interrupted a bit (for those folks who use sub-titles, etc.).


The front of the Mu-so has a removable grill thats colors can be changed for an additional price. And honestly, even without the grill on the Mu-So, the look of the speaker looks pretty stylish showing off the amps and speakers. Underneath the grill, the Mu-so has about 450 watts of total power. Sporting two mid-range tweeters, two round tweeters, and a pair of race drivers that come together with the included 75-watt digital amplifier.


On the top of the Mu-so is the touch volume control featuring the play button, skip buttons, radio input and power buttons that can also be controlled via app. Most of the time, however, I found myself just walking over to adjust the sound or change the track because it was just so cool to do.


The Mu-so comes with its own remote which looks similar to Apples newer Apple TV remote, sans the Siri functionality but featuring a lot of what you could get from the on-speaker controls. The ability to do this from the couch or anywhere in your home is nice if you decide to not download the app (which I’ll get into a bit later).


On the bottom end of the speaker, you do get an AC port for plugging into a wall, an auxiliary cable port, and an Ethernet port which is very good to have.


If you are like me and looking to make a home stereo system out of the Mu-so, you can certainly do that. Coming with a companion Naim Audio app (available for Android and iOS), you can control the Naim Mu-so directly from your smartphone, giving you the ability to change tunes and various other settings, such as which provider (i.e., Tidal or Spotify) you’d like to use, which is awesome. As someone who likes to keep things minimalistic, having one app for my speaker to alternate through different apps that I use (Apple Music/Spotify), I can easily gesture between the two from a single app. Another upside to this is the fact I can actually listen to certain radio stations like BBC and some sports talk radio that I otherwise wouldn’t be able to on a standard speaker; so kudos to Naim for this nifty feature.

I did not have the opportunity to test out the multi-room feature due to only receiving one review unit, but the Mu-so does have the ability to toggle between rooms. Say if you have one Mu-so in your living room, and another in your bedroom, being able to flip through your audio would be great in a multi-room home for things like cleaning, or just having a group of friends over and you want the same music playing in multiple rooms.


Did you know you can even connect the Mu-so to your television? I know I did! Being an avid Xbox One player, having a speaker system to play my games at higher-than-loud decibels on a Saturday afternoon was great. The set up was super simple, but the sound? YES! Being able to hear every play call, whistle, and grunt while playing Madden was GREAT — even when the Mu-so was set at a reasonable level and MUCH more crisp than the output I normally receive from my 65-inch television.

Most people use Bluetooth to play their tunes from their devices these days, and the audio experience with the Mu-so is so great, you’d think that the device was actually docked or connected with the auxiliary cable included. Making a connection was simple, and after getting the sound confirmation that you’ve been connected your audio will play in such crisp yet bold quality you’ll wonder why you didn’t purchase the Naim Mu-so sooner. Overall, I can say that even though pricey at $1499, the Mu-so is certainly something that will not only complement your television and its stand, but it looks great just sitting on a bookshelf. If you have the extra cash, this is certainly the speaker you should have in your home.

For more information on the Naim Mu-so head over to their site today.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: The overall elegance of the speaker is nice; all of the connectivity options

What Needs Improvement: Price is very expensive

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