1More’s Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones Are Affordable for an Audiophile

There are not many more things I like in the world other than a good pair of in-ear headphones, and over the past few months I’ve truly lacked in that department, which lead me to going wireless or using over ear headphones. But when at work, I HAVE to have a pair, and I’ve found my new personal favorites in the 1More Triple Driver headphones.

Let’s preface by saying this:  1More knows how to package a product. Everything was laid out and made simple without the need to rip open 1500 different compartments in attempts to find everything. The China based company certainly went for the approach of making the headphones speak for themselves, and I’m appreciative of that.

The headphones themselves certainly have the look and feel of a pair of $300 in ear headphones you’ve seen on the market, all while staying UNDER $100 themselves. Featuring ear pieces made of aluminum, on top a super durable cable made of Kevlar, the Triple Driver’s by 1More simply look the part, but how do they SOUND?


In regards to testing out audio quality, I test with a few different genres, but I mainly stick to a lot of Daft Punk in terms over overall fidelity, but in terms of bass, my go-to has always been Kanye’s “Love Lockdown”. The 1More Triple Drivers hit the mark in every way with BOTH giving ear-pushing sound that I can say will make you want to take a sledgehammer to Apple’s stock headphones.


With Triple Drivers in each ear bud, you’re not just getting a premium look with the nice finishing of gold accents on the ear buds and the volume control which is iOS ready with three buttons for control features.


The earpieces themselves feature two balanced armature drivers and a single dynamic driver which will give your tunes a nice crisp sound while listening.


At only $100, you’d expect to use some sort of headphones amplifier to get a better quality listening experience from the Triple Drivers, but overall to me, the earbuds themselves have a great overall sound that is so good in the terms of sound, that you can actually hear air blowing into your ear all while hearing the bass. This made for a great listening experience that doesn’t seem forced by simply turning up the volume all the way up. So in terms of sound isolation, there is some, but do not expect to get an insane Noise-cancelling experience.


Once thing to note in regards to 1More’s Triple Drivers are that the buds themselves sit in an ergonomic way which can take a bit getting used to. The first couple tries might take some readjusting, but once you’ve got them where you want them, they sill fit pretty snug.


1More’s included eight different foam and silicone tips that sit arranged in different sizes to accommodate your ears. I tend to lose these like I’ve done previously with my JayBirds last year, so I would advise putting the extras in a Ziploc bag and making sure to label them.


Overall, with a rich crisp sound, and a premium look to boot, the Triple Drivers by 1More show that the China-based company is quickly becoming a competitor in the headphone market not just in terms of audio quality, but in terms of prices. You won’t find too many brands that give you this type of quality in less than $100, and honestly, I wouldn’t advise you looking anywhere else but 1More for the time being. And they can only go up from where they are now.

For more information about 1More’s Triple Driver earbuds ($99.99), or any of their other products head over to 1More’s site.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: For less than $100 you’re receiving audio quality, build of earphones… all at a reasonable price

What Needs Improvement: SOME audio distortion with bass at higher levels

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