Best Buy Caters to the Geek Crowd with a Wedding Registry!

The first thing most people do when they get a wedding invitation (besides RSVPing) is checking the couple’s registry. Are they looking for household items? Maybe new appliances? Those are the usual items, but Best Buy thinks there’s more to it, and is now offering a wedding registry service!

On the surface, it’s not such a crazy idea. Best Buy sells a ton of household appliances, and you could easily argue that part of setting up a household is getting your entertainment systems dialed in as well as your kitchen supplies. But what caught my eye in the marketing email I received was the list of top registry items so far:

The iron and blender make perfect sense. Heck, I’ve been married for five years and want that hand blender. Even the Amazon Echo and the Sonos speaker holder aren’t so odd. But a GoPro? A Mophie Juice pack? A SURFACE PRO? Did the people registering just throw those on just in case everything else was purchased? And what narrative could you craft for needing a GoPro, Mophie, and a Surface Pro as the tools to start your married life?

“Well, we are hoping to get a solid start to our marriage by becoming viral YouTube sensations. Therefore we need the GoPro for all our XTREME honeymooning, the Surface Pro to edit our adventures, and the Mophie so our iPhones don’t die if we’re playing Pokemon Go the whole time. Don’t bother with a Cuisinart or a China set, we will totes get sponsored by GrubHub with all our awesome videoing.”

Ok, maybe that’s a bit harsh, but seriously — how many people had to register for Surface Pros for them to be a popular item? And is it tacky or just crazy to have an iPhone case on your wedding  registry? Unleash the etiquette debate below!

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