Master & Dynamic Announces Yet Another Awesome Partnership

Announced on Monday, one of my personal favorite brands, Master & Dynamic announced a partnership with a company that even James Bond loves!

Master & Dynamic Announces Yet Another Awesome Partnership
As of Monday, August 15th, Master & Dynamic, makers of the popular MW60 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones I reviewed earlier this year came together with British luxury auto company, Aston Martin. Both companies are known for their eye-catching products, and their better attention to the performance of them, so it’s no surprise that Master & Dynamic wanted to start letting the world know they are together in style at Aston Martin On Ocean, which is a one-of-a-kind store that will be located in Carmel, starting off Aston Martin’s 2016 pebble Beach Automotive Week.

If you’re able to attend this exclusive session which goes from today, August 17th through Saturday August 20th, while doing your virtual test drive, you will have the option of using some of Master & Dynamic’s headphones, including the MH40 over ear headphones, and the brass ME05 earphones, which I love. This is only the beginning of the budding partnership between the two famous brands. You can even purchase your Master & Dynamic for Aston Martin products at their Dover Street boutique in London.

If you’d like to register for tomorrow’s event you can head over to!

For more information about the partnership, you can head over to!

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