V-MODA Remix Headphones Review

V-MODA Remix Headphones Review

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There’s some old saying the goes along the lines of “you’re only as good as the people around you.”  I feel the same way towards the relationship between my iPod or my iPhone and the headphones I use with each.  I may have the largest, most comprehensive music collection on the planet loaded on each of them but unless I’ve chosen a pair of headphones that allow me to listen to the music in decent quality what good is it?

I’ve carried a pair of V-MODA Vibe Duo headphones religiously for the past year or so.  They have a regular place in my left pant pocket not matter what I’m doing.  I find their feel and sound quality to be excellent and Dan agreed when I lent them to him during CES this year.

When Judie was contacted by V-MODA and subsequently reached out to the Gear Diary team to see if anyone was interested in reviewing their newest offering, the Remix, I jumped at the chance.

The Remix combines super quality audio performance along with the one thing that’s missing from my daily drivers (the Vibe Duo.)  A three-button remote, which allows users hands-free access to answer calls and control their music library.

So are the Remix headphones poised to oust the Vibe-Duos from my left pocket?

Read on to find out.

The Remix packaging is small and to the point, like the other products in the V-MODA line.

V-MODA Remix Headphones Review

A look at the box’s back, see-thru window reveals the extra goodies V-MODA includes.  In addition to the headphones themselves you’ll as get a soft carrying case, four sets of both black and clear silicone fittings (XS, S, M, L) and sport ear hooks that help insure your headphone stay on during more strenuous activities.

I do not know of a pair of headphones which comes with more add-ons and this is much appreciated.

V-MODA Remix Headphones Review

It took me a little while to break into the Remix packaging.  While the box looks simplistic the contents were packaged in my least favorite material, blister pack!

V-MODA Remix Headphones Review

At only 17 grams the Remix feel light but sturdy.

One of the more important factors when using headphones that rely on blocking the outside noise from entering your ear is the selection of the best fitting silicone cover.  I tried all four sizes and found that the large size fit my ears best.

They rely on V-MODA’s BLISS (Bass Level Isolating Soft Silicone) noise-isolating technology further reduces outside noise and enables deep punchy bass for the ultimate audio experience.

V-MODA Remix Headphones Review

The headphones are built to last in every area.   They include a custom designed 2.2mm Kevlar reinforced cable built 3x-10x stronger than normal cables.

V-MODA Remix Headphones Review

And a 45 degree, 24k gold plated plug and all metal construction for the headphones and y-connector.

If for some reason something should go wrong with the Remix V-MODA offers a two year premier warranty and lifetime Replay Replacement program.

V-MODA Remix Headphones Review

The big addition to the Remix headphones is the 3-button inline remote.  It allows you to adjust the volume, control playback of your music, record voice memos and answer calls.  The remote and mic are compatible with the iPhone 3GS, iPod shuffle (3rd gen), iPod touch (2nd gen), iPod nano (4th gen), 120GB iPod classic as well as MacBook, MacBook Pro, iMac and Mac Pro (2009 and newer models).

If your device doesn’t support microphone functions audio is supported by all iPod models and devices with a 3.5mm jack.

The Remix are compatible with Apple Voice Control and Voice Over technology (iPhone 3GS and iPod shuffle 3rd gen) as well as iChat and Skype.

V-MODA Remix Headphones Review

When listening to music I found the Remix headphones performed superbly.  The Remix do a great job in the lower ranges, while holding their own in the upper and middle ranges as well.  I found bass to be smooth and the sound was not tinny.

The inline remote worked exactly as it was meant to, allowing to play or pause a track or fast forward to the next one.  The volume up and down keys have great feel and increase/decrease the volume at larger intervals so the change happens quickly.

V-MODA Remix Headphones Review

V-MODA also includes a set of ear hooks which easily attach to the ear buds and allow you to secure them in place while exercising, or doing any strenuous activity.  Even if you’re not participating in an activity which could cause the ear buds to come loose the hooks do a good job of securely holding the headphones to your ears which assists in blocking out background noise.

V-MODA Remix Headphones Review

I ran a few audio/microphone tests with the Remix’s built-in microphone.

First I had a Skype conversation with Dan.

V-MODA Remix Test

Then I used the iPod Touch’s Voice Memo application.

V-MODA Remix Test 2

Finally I used the Mac application screen flow to record some audio with my Mac Book Pro.

V-MODA Remix Test 3

In all instances the microphone presented a very forward sounding audio experience.  This results in crisp sounds and ones which allow me to lower my computer’s audio level.

At a price tag of $99 the V-MODA Remix might be the best set of sub $100 headphones I’ve tried.  Their sleek look, excellent fit, good sound quality and in-line remote make them a wise investment if you wish to harness the true power of your own audio device.

You can learn more about the V-MODA Remix by visiting the product page on the V-MODA web site.

M.S.R.P. – $99

What I like – Great fit, sturdy build, inline remote control, works with iPhone and iPod.

What I don’t like – Forward sound audio may be a turn off for some on the other end of calls.

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