ZAGG Brings Two New Screen Protectors to Market

In anticipation of Apple announcing the new crop of 2016 iPhones in just a few days, ZAGG, one of our favorite smartphone accessory companies, has announced two new products. The sub-$40 Glass+ and the $49.99 Sapphire Defense screen protectors offer great screen protection at an affordable price.


As ZAGG puts it,

Let’s face it — dropping your phone is an everyday threat! Whether your mobile device slips out of your hands or life just happens, ending up with a cracked, or even worse, shattered screen, is highly likely.

That is why, to date, ZAGG has sold over 99 million InvisibleShield screen protectors worldwide. Think about it… one company has sold over 99 million screen-saving products and the iPhone, one of the main devices ZAGG protects, is less than ten years old. That translates to millions upon millions of smartphone and tablet screens that have been saved by ZAGG products.

Now ZAGG has brought the new Glass+ and Sapphire Defense screen protectors to market.


The Invisible Shield Glass+ is just $39.99.

Glass+ features Ion Matrix. This is, according to ZAGG, “the most advanced impact and scratch protection available.” The Glass+ is a smooth tempered glass with beveled edges. That gives “maximum HD image clarity and touch sensitivity.” In addition, Glass+ has an oil-resistant technology baked into it that prevents fingerprints and smudge and, in the process, helps keep your screen in pristine condition.


And if that wasn’t enough, Glass+ comes with a limited lifetime warranty. That means if a Glass+ gets worn or damaged, ZAGG will replace it for the life of your device.


“Unbeatable Impact Protection”

The Sapphire Defense screen protector is just $10 more than the Glass+. At $49.99 it offers a new, “indestructible Defense Matrix technology with delivers 7X the shatter protection to help protect the phone from drops, nicks, and dings.” Thanks to what ZAGG refers to as Sapphire Fusion, this screen protector provides “a smooth, glassy feel so you get unbeatable scratch protection as smooth as glass.” ZAGG also claims this is the first screen protector of its kind. It was developed with advanced aerospace-grade technology and, like the Glass+, if it gets worn or damaged, ZAGG will replace it for the life of the device.

With many of us planning to get the new iPhone when it is released, it only makes sense to plan a path toward protecting our investments. ZAGG’s products are a key strategy if you want to keep your iPhone pristine. Check out all their products here.


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