The Travelpro Executive Choice 2 Checkpoint Friendly Backpack Review

If you tend to have a lot to carry with you on a trip, and want to be able to access everything easily, look no further than the Travelpro Executive Choice 2 Checkpoint Friendly Backpack.

Currently, on sale for $189.99, I’ve been using the Travelpro Executive Choice 2 Checkpoint Friendly Backpack almost exclusively as my carry-on bag for all of my summer travel, and trust me when I say it will not let you down, at all. Many bags have a problem of either carrying too much, or not carrying enough, and with the Executive Choice 2, you fall in that happy spot in the middle where you can not only fit what you want but in many cases, a few more extras.

It’s one of the few backpacks that are actually “TSA-friendly”, despite a lot of companies now making that claim only for it not to be the case. With a completely separate back panel to the back pocket, you can fit up to a 17-inch laptop there, as well as a standard sized iPad in a completely different area to the back of the bag. Each pocket is protected by adequate padding that allows you to not feel your laptop sitting on your back when you carry it, but it will also go through the scanner at the airport with a simple unzip and push through the conveyor belt — all without having to take it out and putting it in one of those bins.

The Travelpro Executive Choice 2 Checkpoint Friendly Backpack has some phenomenal features starting with a Duraguard Ballistic Nylon material that is resistant to stains and abrasions. While I cannot speak on if the bag itself is completely water proof, I will say that the Executive Choice 2 backpack did survive two rainy runs into an airport and managed to not get any water on the inside of the bag, which would have damaged all of my tech products.

The main compartment in the bag is pretty spacious, enough to fit a sweatshirt, an extra pair of shoes, and even my BUBM gadget nest that I store everything in when I travel. The bag is extremely deep at the bottom which is helpful, although many might find that the way it looks on your back is a bit heavy-looking. If you can get past that initial look you’ll be fine. There are two dividers in the main compartment, so if you wanted to separate a wet shirt from your dry items, for instance, you could comfortably do that.

At the front of the bag, the highlight feature is the USB-port which is connected to the interior pocket that can house any external battery pack that you chose to connect to it. I use this pocket not only for my battery pack but for my sunglasses as well.

I tend to keep my wallet on my person when walking through the terminal but if you like to toss everything from in your pocket to in your bag, I suggest using this pocket, as the RFID-blocking pocket of the Executive Choice 2 will help stop identity theft. This bag is truly one that has thought of pretty much everything, including overall comfort.

Shoulder straps are important in ANY bag, especially when traveling. With TravelPro’s Executive Choice 2 bag, the straps are both adjustable and have enough padding that you can walk comfortably through the terminal even with 4-5 pounds of gear on your back and not have a problem. There’s a stress –relief buckle that I use when I want to relieve the stress of the bag on my back. If you ever get sick of carrying the bag on your back, Travelpro has a built-in trolley handle system so you can secure the back to your carry-on luggage which will help you breeze through the airport a bit faster.

Overall, Travelpro has thought of pretty much everything in terms of their $179.99 Executive Choice 2 Checkpoint Friendly Backpack, and with enough pockets to house virtually anything that you can ever imagine forgetting on a trip, I actually found myself over packing things that on my next trip I searched through the bag realizing “hey, that’s where my Advil was!”. This is certainly a good thing at least in my case because I tend to forget things often, but at least now with the Executive Choice 2 backpack, nothing will be left behind for that next trip.

For more information on the Travelpro Executive Choice 2 Checkpoint Friendly Backpack, head over to eBags for more information!

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Many pockets; TSA-friendly; Built-in trolley-handle system; RFID-blocking pocket

What Needs Improvement: Rather bulky in size

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