Tavik Interface System is the Only Outerwear You’ll Need

It got cold here in New Jersey last week. Fortunately, I was armed with a review sample of Tavik’s new Interface system. This isn’t just a jacket. And it isn’t just a series of outerwear. No, the Tavik Interface system is truly an outerwear system That offers a ton of features and is ready for pretty much any weather.


The Interface system consists of a number of pieces of clothing that can be worn alone or, if the need arises, work in pairs. Let’s take a look at each piece of the system and what it offers. Then I’ll take a look at why I am really liking this approach and plan to buy the two remaining pieces I was not sent for review.



The main component of the Interface system is the $175.00 Ruger parka. Tavik describes it as the “nucleus” of the collection and for good reason- it is the first piece of the system that one would want to pick up.

Engineered for function and performance, its approach remains steadfast: provide the very best outerwear for the modern man…The Ruger parka is constructed with a durable water-repellent, allowing this weatherproof jacket to keep the warmth in and the elements out.

The parka is a nice garment with just enough heft and solid construction. It is water-repellent and light enough to serve as a stand-alone item if it isn’t too terribly cold and it is raining. Made of woven cotton, it has reinforced seams and comes in blue and black. It has a zipper but then also has buttons so you can keep the storm flap closed.


Pockets are plentiful and thoughtful placed so you can carry your gear with you. It features rain bill so you will be ready if the weather turns nasty.


The Ruger parka is not just any parka, however. No, this is a parka designed for life in 2016. As such it includes an assortment of tech features that include Tavik’s signature Focal camera pocket, a pocket to hold Tavik’s Form Battery.


It also has media routing so you can secure cables and headphones inside where they will be ready when you need them.


An interior pocket is perfect for keeping your phone safe but accessible.

And, of course, it features the Interface zipper system that we will address in a bit. In all, it is an all-weather parka that is ideally suited for those who love to carry their tech in style. Check it out here.



The $80.00 Nomad jacket can be worn alone or used in conjunction with the Ruger parka. Made of polyester, it is lightweight, water-resistant, has reinforced seams and has “heat retention technology” built into it so you’ll stay warm on chilly days. It features a rib collar and cuffs, elliptical quilting and dual hand pockets. It’s gadget-friendly feature include an interior zip stash pocket for your phone or other tech you want to keep with you.



It is an “Interface compatible insulator” and is specifically designed to be part of the system that begins with the Ruger parka. Again, more on that in a bit. You can check it out here.




The $90.00 Thermite is Tavik’s “modern take on the bomber jacket silhouette.” Like the Nomad jacket, it can be worn alone or used as part of the Interface system. Made from cotton, this bonded fleece jackets was designed to be warm and comfortable. It has a dual entry chest pocket so you can easily access the gear you are carrying and elastic cuffs to keep out the elements.






The final piece in the Interface collection is the $79.00 Izumi. This is Interface compatible zip front hooded flannel. Made from 100% cotton, the Izumi flannel is a brushed mid-weight flannel. It features an interior pocket for your phone, patch chest pockets for carrying small items and a jersey hood to keep you warm when the temperature drops a bit.


It can be worn alone or quickly zipped into the Ruger parka for an added layer of defense against the elements. and, like the other pieces in the collection, it can be worn alone or can be used with the Ruger parka as part of the Interface system. Check it out here.

So what IS the Tavik Interface system? Simply put it is one outer shell, the Ruger Parka, and three individual liners that can each be used alone or in conjunction with the Ruger.


As Tavik explains:

An innovative apparel system that effortlessly integrates the Ruger jacket with one of three zip-in liners, enabling you to customize a combination that meets the demands of your environment and conditions.


I was sent the Ruger and the Nomad. Here’s how I have been using them. When there was a bit of a chill in the air I wear the Nomad. It is light and offers just enough warmth. When it rained but was still warm enough I put on the Ruger instead of the Nomad. Then, when the temperature dropped last week I zipped the Nomad into the Ruger.


The interior zippers on the Ruger line up perfectly with the zipper of the Nomad. Loops on the sleeves of the Nomad, loops you would never notice when using the Nomad on its own, connect to the Ruger’s sleeves and, in effect, lock the sleeves in place. The zippers and the sleeve loops turned the two garments into a single one. Now I had one coat that has the warmth of the Nomad and the weather protection of the Ruger- a single piece of outerwear that was both warm and protective.o

The same can be done with the other two pieces in the system. For example, if you want a liner with a hood, the Ruger has a hood but it is not insulated, you can use the IZUMI. This will give you the least warmth but does give you a hood. And if you want something whose warmth falls between the IZUMI and the NOMAD, you can zip the Thermite into the Ruger. This gives a nice balance between warmth and weight. In other words, if you purchase all four of the pieces in the Interface system you will get outwear that can address any and all conditions. It’s pretty darn smart.


Also smart is the ability to use Tavik’s Form Battery with the system.


The Ruger has a pocket specially designed for the Form Battery. It not only holds it in place but it also gives cable access so you can charge your phone while it is inside the jacket.


The battery is small but almost doubles your phone’s battery life. It has a Lightning cable built right into it so you won’t need to go hunting for an extra cable.

I’m a fan of the Interface system. The two pieces I was sent pretty much eliminates the need for a number of jackets I have. With the Ruger and Nomad in hand, I don’t need most of the items in my closet. That, in turn, means I can donate them to Goodwill and, thanks to Tavik, I’m not the only one who will be a bit warmer this winter. And just in time because fall is here and I’m already wondering why I still live in the Northeast.

You can check out the entire line of Interface products here.

Source: Manufacturer review sample of the Tavik Ruger and Nomad

What I Like: Various garments can work on their own or be used together; Comfortable; Packed with features; Works with Tavik Form Battery; Include media pockets and cable routing

What Needs Improvement: Nothing. I’m a fan of this system and plan to use it throughout this fall and winter

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