Cox Contour Flex Starter for $15/Mo Is the Skinny Bundle I’ve Been Waiting For

Yesterday I received a special offer ( CODE AC162FS36U ) from Cox Cable to subscribe to their Contour Flex Starter for $15/month which includes all my local channels plus HBO. This fits my viewing habits almost perfectly.


Like many people, we cut the cord with cable TV about three years ago  in favor of a single high-speed Internet connection. However, this left us needing to use a digital antenna to pick up local channels. We watch most local channels OTA (over the air) but there are a few where the reception is poor. Contour Flex Starter fills these gaps perfectly.  Unfortunately, there are a few misconceptions about Cox Contour Flex which include wrong information given the Cox telephone representatives. Here’s what Cox Contour Flex will (and won’t) do.

The Pros and Cons of Cox Contour Flex Starter

It seems you must have an offer code to take advantage of this $15 a month offer (try OFFER CODE AC162FS36U). Prior to a recent mailing, the lowest price I’d been offered was $20/month. Sometimes the offer included HBO, and sometimes it was just for TV channels. You likely need to ONLY subscribe to Cox internet. I don’t believe the offer applies to anyone who also subscribes to Cox cable TV.  If you take Cox up on the offer they email be sure they activate HBO.

When I spoke to Cox they said that their Contour 2 app would allow for streaming content both in and out of my house. This is incorrect. In order to stream LIVE content you must be connected to your home WiFi.  You can use your Cox login to connect to apps for other channels included in your bundle (ex. HBO) and some of those apps may allow for streaming outside your home. The Contour 2 app requires that you are connected to your Cox WiFi.

The offer is for access to basic cable via the  Contour 2 app ( iTunes) or (Google Play)  or the internet.

It does not include any cable box and there is no need for a separate installation. Within 15 minutes of activating the offer,  I was able to log in and view live content.

If you take Cox up on the offer they email be sure they activate HBO. I had to prompt my Cox representative to verify that they added HBO and at that point, they asked for my offer code.

Remember: The biggest drawback of Contour Flex Starter? It only works when you are using your home WiFi. You cannot leave your house and stream live television using the Contour 2 app. (Note: This is the same as the restriction that most cable companies such as Xfinity impose).

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