Cox Contour Flex Starter for $15/Mo Is the Skinny Bundle I’ve Been Waiting For

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Cox Contour Flex Starter for $15/Mo Is the Skinny Bundle I've Been Waiting For Listen to this article


I was able to download HBO GO and create a user code/login based upon my Cox access code. HBO Go will work away from WiFi. Based upon this, I’m thinking that any of the channels included in the bundle with an app will probably let you access content away from WiFi.


A partial channel lineup for my area includes every local OTA (over the air) channel plus several cable channels including HLN, HBO:


My local channels include both regular and HD (High Definition) live feeds, and I can watch on up to 5 simultaneous devices.

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To view other popular channels not included in the starter bundle we continue to “borrow” access from other subscribers who’ve lent their cable login. This provides us access to popular channels such as AMC which are not included in this Cox Contour Flex Starter bundle.

Is this a good deal? Certainly, yes, for anyone having trouble pulling down all their local channels. The limited number of included channels (there is no CNN or Weather Channel or Discovery) means that you’ll likely need to have alternate ways to view favorite shows on those channels.


This is a bad deal for anyone who wants to stream live local channels while away from home. It simply won’t work (read the app reviews for tales of woe from those who have tried).

I think this is a great option for basic viewing of local and a few basic cable channels. The addition of HBO and ability to view CBS online means that I’ll be able to cancel two services that combined I’d been paying over $20/mo for.

This offer may not be available in every region and I cannot guarantee the offer code will work for others. Also, remember that Contour Flex Starter appears targeted to those only using Cox Internet and the Contour 2 app requires that you are using your home WiFi in order to stream live content as a majority of negative reviews of the service appear to have incorrectly believed they could stream content outside their home.


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