Rogue RFID Blocking Front Pocket Wallet-Protect Your Back and Your Cards in Style

I have been a fan of slim front pocket style wallets for some time now. Once you get used to a compact way to carry your cards and cash, it’s impossible to go back to a bulkier setup. It feels like there’s an infinite number of styles in slim wallets.

When Rogue Industries offered us the chance to review their slim front pocket wallet with RFID Blocking, I thought it would be a nice change of style.


My main wallet for the last two years has been a metal one from Wagner Swiss Army. It holds 5 cards (6 if you’re really squeezing), and it has a money clip for cash. It is a very industrial design. The Rogue wallet, by comparison, feels very luxurious and timeless. It’s leather, and it’s curved like the inside of a pants pocket to make it really fit well. My one quibble with the design is that the design means the wallet size extends past the card slots and bill holder; the excess leather is just there to shape the wallet, and it’s not available space. Not a big deal, but it does give the wallet a slightly larger footprint than some other slim wallet designs.

Like my other wallet, the Rogue only holds 6 or so cards, but it also has a full-size slot for cash. Despite the folding style and leather material, it is still barely thicker than my metal wallet, which is quite the design feat! The leather feels great too; it is soft but not overly smooth, and you can tell it will age well and look more unique with use. One thing I noticed is that by virtue of the design of the Rogue, the card slots are a bit tight. It’s fine for credit cards or anything that can stand up to the tightness of the leather, but my business cards didn’t fit well in the slots. They do fit tucked into one side of the bill holder, however. Aesthetically it is a home run, and the style pairs as well with my everyday bag, a Saddleback Leather small satchel, as it does with just jeans on the weekend.


Speaking of jeans, the Rogue accomplishes something no other leather slim wallet has managed well — it fits in the front pocket of women’s jeans. If you wear men’s pants you have plenty of room in your pockets, but apparently Levi’s feels ladies have Barbie doll sized hands, and/or don’t fit anything larger than a Chapstick in their front pockets. So I was honestly shocked that the Rogue fits absolutely perfectly in the pocket of my jeans without sticking out at all. In fact, I found the Rogue more comfortable than my slightly smaller metal wallet, because the Rogue flexed and bent with my jeans instead of shifting and suddenly stabbing me in the leg while I was sitting down.


There’s another surprise tucked into the Rogue beyond just being a stylish slim wallet. It’s actually lined with an RFID blocker, so any cards you keep in the wallet are protected from any wireless devices that could steal card information. It feels like there are more ways to steal someone’s identity than protect it these days, but the Rogue wallet is an easy way to gain a small amount of peace of mind. And when you combine the RFID blocking with using the wallet as intended in your front pocket, you’re pretty well defended against wireless theft as well as good old-fashioned pickpocketing. Plus you’re less likely to throw your hips out of whack, so you won’t need to see a doctor for your sore back, which could lead to identity theft from medical information…ok, maybe that last bit is taking it a touch too far, but in all seriousness RFID+front pocket is a pretty secure way to carry your cards and cash.


I really like the Rogue wallet. The leather looks and feels great, it maintains a very slim profile, fits into even my smallest pants pocket, and protects my cards from being wirelessly stolen. It does all that without falling into the trap of being too slim to be functional, or too geeky to look nice. It’s just a good-looking wallet, and the slim profile and RFID blocking are a welcome bonus! Best of all, Rogue’s wallets and other RFID blocking products are extremely affordable; prices start as low as $30 for a basic leather wallet with RFID, a phenomenal price for an extremely high-quality wallet.

Source: Manufacturer provided review sample

What I Liked: Slim design; fits several cards and cash comfortably; fitted to front pockets; quality leather stitching; RFID shielding

What Needs Improvement: Design leaves the edges of the billfold feeling a little tight; card slots too tight to hold regular business cards

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