Happy Hour Timepieces – A Beer Drinker’s Wingman


You suddenly realize your bottle opener is missing in action. You’ve recently spent several hundred dollars on new dental work, so opening a cold one with your teeth is not advisable. What to do? Three words. Happy Hour Timepiece. If you guessed bottle opener on the back of a watch strap – then move to the head of the class.

The concept of Happy Hour Timepiece is simple. Select from one of their watches (all strategically highlight that magical 5pm hour), flip your arm over to expose the back of the watch strap. Use the embedded bottle opener to remove beer cap(s).



Happy Hour Timepiece watches come in three styles:

The Lightweight – $149.99 – 42 mm diameter watch face,  available in three colors (Night Moves shown below) – Olive Drab, Timeless, Night Moves




The Ish – $149.99 – 42 mm watch face, available in 3 colors (Orange shown below) – Timeless, Orange, Night Moves




The Bottoms Up – $49.99 (normally $100) – Citizen 2035 watch movement – available in three colors – Brown, Yellow, St Patrick’s Green


Dan covered the first generation watch, and you can get more info on the new styles by visiting Happy Hour Time Pieces.

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