GameON Awesome In-Ear Headphones Brought to You by ROAM and Atari


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Not your ordinary set of earphones, no sir. I recently had the opportunity to test the new ROAM GameON in-ear headphones and they seem to have set the bar higher when it comes to portable music and gaming. Co-created by ROAM and Atari, the new GameON units begin arriving just in time for the holidays.

ROAM GameON headphones/Images courtesy ROAM

ROAM GameON headphones/Images courtesy ROAM

ROAM founder Steven Lamar (original co-creator of Beats by Dr. Dre) partnered up with Atari and the first release is the GameON in-ear headphones. In the first few minutes of listening to audiophile recordings I could tell the difference between GameON and any other earphones or earbuds or even many of the headphones in my gadget drawer. The new GameON wired headphones are stylish, offer high-quality sound reproduction, and feature Sure-Fit ear tips along with tangle-free cord. These units are comfortable and extremely high quality.


One unique feature of the new GameON headphones is the user selectable bass enhancement or “loudness” button as we used to see in-car audio. This switch toggles between audiophile and enhanced bass modes. Audiophile mode offers flat equalization across the frequency spectrum while enhanced mode boosts the lower (bass) frequencies up to about 900 Hz. Honestly, I kept toggling between the two depending on the musical selection playing at the time and I enjoyed both. At first, I thought this a bit gimmicky but it works well and really makes the GameON headphones perfect for any listener (i.e. the perfect holiday gift).


GameON headphones are offered in rhodium black with black cables or rose gold with white cables. Both are very stylish but we received the black on black and love the look and finish. Another thing about ordering a set of GameON headphones: They are designed to work with any device with a 3.5mm jack but there is a specific model for iPhone users due to Apple’s special set of controls.


-Frequency response: 15 Hz to 22,000 Hz;
-Impedance: 18 Ohm;
-Sensitivity: 105dB;
-Distortion: Less than 0.8%;
-Attenuation: 22dB;
-System: Hybrid two-way transducer;
-Woofer: High excursion dual laminate diaphragm;
-Tweeter: Ultra-low mass, extended bandwidth precision balanced armature.


The included Sure-Fit Clips sizing is small, medium, and large, as are the silicone eartips the unit is shipped with, and it all comes in an attractive compact carrying case. The volume control switch includes a microphone for phone conversations as well as volume up and down, play/skip/replay song, and voice assistant. Maximum bass boost is 5dB at 60 Hz.

ROAM began offering the GameON headphones on IndieGOGO and raised 132% of its original goal and the units are set to ship out this week. “Early bird” pricing was $99 for the first 200 units with MSRP being $169 retail. They are available at


ROAM’s motto is to “Set Sound Free” and they are certainly headed in the right direction with the GameON in-ear headphones created in partnership with Atari. These are the best-sounding earphones I have auditioned to date. Crystal-clear, audiophile quality sound reproduction with the bass-boost capability make them some of the most flexible units around, too, and the Sure-Fit design will keep them in your ears for all of your listening pleasure.


Source: Review sample provided by the manufacturer

What I Like: Audiophile quality; flexibility; tangle-free cables; Sure-Fit design; fit and finish

What Needs Improvement: Nothing

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