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DISCLAIMER: Before we even begin this review let me offer the bottom line on this case. It killed my reception and I found the same thing occurring when I tried it with other people’s iPhones. It is for that reason that we cannot recommend this case.  

Qmadix was kind enough to send three of their new iPhone cases for review and we are taking a quick look at each. Here in Part 3 we’ll look at the Bezel for Apple iPhone 4/4S. If you like the look of a metal frame-style case and are looking for an unusual design that actually stands out from the pack this just might be the iPhone protection for you.

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From Qmadix:

The Qmadix Bezel combines revolutionary design with true innovation. This forward thinking protective solution utilizes a brilliant slide-locking mechanism that ensures a seamless fit. The Bezel Slide-On Cover offers exceptional ergonomics and is tooled from aircraft grade aluminum for a flawless fit and finish.


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Precise fit allows access to buttons, controls and ports

Protects from scratches and bumps

Easy to install

Available in a variety of colors

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This is one of the more unusual cases I have seen- and I’ve seen and used a LOT of cases.

The case is actually just a frame for the iPhone but it is unlike any frame we have seen. Rather than coming as two separate pieces the way, for example, Element Case’s Vapor does, this case is a solid ring of aluminum. The iPhone goes into it face down. (I found that putting the corner with the buttons in first made most sense.)

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After that, the second piece of the case slides into the slots in the frame. Pushing it up all the way results in the bottom clicking securely into place. I was even able to use the Bezel with a Bodyguardz back protector on the phone.

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It is worth noting that Qmadix has found a way to secure the iPhone inside the Bezel without the need of screws. It is a pretty nice piece of engineering that impresses me to no end. And, since my phone and the back protection are black, the Bezel all but disappears.

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The fit and finish are precise. Cutouts line up perfectly and I had no trouble using a variety of different cables with it.

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And the openings on the side were large enough to provide easy and smooth access to the volume controls and mute toggle.

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It looks great and feels even better in the hand. Seriously, I was blown away by the design and LOVED holding the iPhone when it was inside. You can check out all of the various colors this $69.99 case comes in and order one here on the company website. But, as we sai. At the beginning, we cannot recommend it.

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Yes, the case is cool but I cannot recommend it. And here’s why. The case has a number of small slits in it that are positioned in such a manner as to allow the radio signal to escape. That because many other metal cases have caused serious signal degradation. (Remember our first Element Case review? They sure do since we had to point out that the case was, at least for us, unusable. Fortunately they addressed the issue and we are now HUGE fans of their cases.) The slits in the case let the company claim that users will see no signal degradation. In fact, a blogger I know and respect from another site claims he saw just how effective the slits are in ensuring the signal strength wasn’t impacted. To this I say, “Bunk! Nonsense! Who are you kidding?” Seriously, this case made the first Element Case look good. At home I put on the case and immediately saw a reduction of two bars. And when I went to the movies the other day and had this case on the phone I had the “No Signal” indicator on the entire time. Once I removed my iPhone from the case the full signal returned. I can’t help but wonder if this is the reason the case is currently “Out of Stock”.

UPDATE: The case is in stock as of March 27. The company took exception to our repeated warning in the initial version of the review suggesting you not purchase this case.  While we appreciate hearing that they are aware of issues with the case on some phones on some carriers we are troubled that this is not reflected on the product page in any manner.  Our earlier non-recommendation stands.

MSRP:  $59.99

What I Like: Unusual design; Fit and finish are perfect; Love how the iPhone feels when inside it

What Needs Improvement: Completely kills my iPhone’s signal strength and renders the case useless to me.

Qmadix iPhone 4S Case Roundup Summary: So there you have it; three new cases from Qmadix. One is fine but not for me. One is fantastic and comes highly recommended. And the third and final case is completely and utterly useless.

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    I really, REALLY wish I’d found this page before I ordered my Qmadix Bezel case. It looks great BUT it kills my iPhone’s reception too….four bars, straight down to one each time I put it on. 

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