Switch Easy Torrent for iPhone 3G/3Gs Review

Switch Easy Torrent for iPhone 3G/3Gs Review

SwitchEasy has quickly become my favorite manufacturers of cases for the iPhone 3G/3GS. They’re super stylish designs fit the phone as well as any case on the market and always come with that little box of goodies that switch easy includes in every case.

The SwitchEasy Neo, for iPhone, was one of the first cases I ever reviewed on my YouTube channel. Admittedly I wasn’t a huge fan of it but since then I’ve learned from my mistakes and now consider Switch Easy one of the premier case companies.

The Torrent case is one of SwitchEasy’s newest offerings. Born from the same lines as the original Neo, the Torrent features a hybrid design that not only feels great in the hand but protects the phone as well.

While at CES 2010 SwitchEasy presented me with a few review samples of the torrent to review read on to hear my thoughts on this case.

The Torrent consists of two pieces. The innermost, is made from a special material designed specifically by Switch Easy. It’s reminiscent of silicone but much heavier duty and less stretchy.  The material does not attract any lint.

Inserting your phone into the innermost layer is the first step of installing this case.

Switch Easy Torrent for iPhone 3G/3Gs Review

Once installed you’re ready to place the outer spine,  or I-clip, which is made from super-strong Lexan polycarbonate. It simply snaps around the back of the case adding both a stylish look and adequate action for your phone.

Switch Easy Torrent for iPhone 3G/3Gs Review

Once both pieces are assembled what you’re left with is a wonderful hybrid design that looks both cutting-edge and super sleek.

Switch Easy Torrent for iPhone 3G/3Gs Review

The outer side of the inner layer feature a wavelike pattern etched in. The spine only covers the inside therefore this wave texture is left exposed and thus leaves you with a nice grip.

Switch Easy Torrent for iPhone 3G/3Gs Review

Each Torrent case includes two crystal-clear screen protectors, a microfiber cleaning cloth, a squeegee, a video stand, two universal dock adapters (one white and one black) two headset port covers and two dock connector covers.

Switch Easy Torrent for iPhone 3G/3Gs Review

Once you install the two port covers your phone is completely covered and protected.

Switch Easy Torrent for iPhone 3G/3Gs Review

Switch Easy Torrent for iPhone 3G/3Gs Review

The Torrent is offered in six colors, black, white, blue, lime, pink and red. The nice thing about the design is that if you order more than one color you may mix and match both the spine and the inner layer to create all sorts of color combinations.

Switch Easy Torrent for iPhone 3G/3Gs Review

Each Switch Easy case also comes with a two-year warranty against manufacturers defects. I already had an issue with one of my cases. Switch Easy’s customer service was wonderful to deal with. My replacement case was mailed a matter of hours.

The SwitchEasy Torrent case not only looks good, it provides a superb grip, and it prevents a lint and grind them sticking to your case or phone. The hybrid design does a good job of diverting impact and shock should you drop your phone as well as protect it from life’s every day hazards.

The SwitchEasy Torrent has quickly become one of my favorite cases. You can order a Torrent for yourself by visiting the manufacturers website here.

M.S.R.P. – $28.99

What I like — perfect fit, hybrid protection, interchangeable colors, comes with a ton of stuff.

What I don’t like — outer spine seems to scratch easily.

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