Check out Some of the Great iPhone 7 Cases Made by PDair

PDair is a popular company that makes accessories for virtually any device you can imagine, from LG to Huawei to Apple, all while keeping the quality of each top-notch. They send over some iPhone 7 cases for me to check out so let’s dive right in!

All of the cases that they sent are super affordable starting at $39.99. They sent a clear case, a wallet case and a super slim snap-on case that can go great for any mood.

Check out Some of the Great iPhone 7 Cases Made by PDair

One problem I’ve had with a lot of clear cases is even with the cases being “clear” so to speak, after normal use, a month later the case ends up being yellow around the edges where your fingers rest the most.

Check out Some of the Great iPhone 7 Cases Made by PDair

That is completely not the case with PDair’s crystal clear iPhone 7 Plus case. Not only does the case remain clear after a month of moderate use, it features key things I enjoy in a case that most clear cases do not have. That being not only having covered buttons and a completely casing around the entirety of the phone (including the dock-able bottom portion) but it has a bit of a raised lip that can slightly protect from a waist height drop. Another bonus is PDair added a bit of flair with this clear case in particular by adding a nice looking pattern material on the inner backing of the case that you can see gives it a unique stitch-look to it.

Next is the Leather Book Case which is for someone who typically doesn’t do flapped wallet phone cases pretty pleasant to use if you’re going out casually and don’t want to carry your wallet or purse with you (It’s still a habit I’m attempting to adapt but feel like if I lose my phone I’m completely doomed). The leather is nice and still right out of the packaging but over time will age and show a bit of elegance that you leather fans will certainly appreciate. The cutout ford the cameras leave enough space for photos not having flash glare and you can fit up to three cards comfortably but anything over six will be overkill.

Check out Some of the Great iPhone 7 Cases Made by PDair

There’s also the vertical pouch case which although nice, I can honestly say isn’t exactly for me. I’ve never been a real fan of vertical cases because when I pick up my phone I want to be able to see the screen, and even with a case that opens up like the Leather Book case, I can do it in an instant, where the vertical pouch case takes an extra effort. But if you are a fan of vertical cases, it does come with a clip which is a good touch if you’re still into carrying phones on your hip. Other than that, though, not really my taste.

Check out Some of the Great iPhone 7 Cases Made by PDair Check out Some of the Great iPhone 7 Cases Made by PDair Check out Some of the Great iPhone 7 Cases Made by PDair

Last is the Leather Card Wallet. This case in particular, is there for the minimalist and a perfect gift for someone who just purchased an iPhone and simply wants to combine their phone and wallet. I actually do like this style over the vertical case above because it serves a purpose of carrying my credit cards as well as my phone, all while being very protective. Rather than have two pockets full of things, I’ve been able to condense with the leather card wallet and to be honest, it’s actually pretty protective as well.

Overall my favorite though has to be the clear case and I’ve tried out quite a few if the competition, but PDair’s seems to not only be one of the thinnest, but it doesn’t get dirty easily and keeps my phone feeling like I just unboxed it. The added stitch like material adds flair to it that I really dig as well. But that’s not a knock on the other cases though! Depending on the scenario, I can easily switch from case to case because all of PDair’s cases compliment the iPhone 7 in some shape or form.

For more information on any of PDair’s cases for iPhone 7 (or any other device you can think of), you can head over to their site today.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Super thin; super durable

What needs improvement: snap on case needs buttons

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