Beard Gains Symmetry 2.0 Guidance Tool Fixes Your Awful NeckLine

Beards are awesome to have, but maintaining them take a lot of extra dedication. You don’t want to look foolish out here with an uneven beard, so why not check out Beard Gains, a brand whose sole purpose is to make your face (and beard) look great again?

Beard Gains Symmetry 2.0 Guidance Tool Fixes Your Awful Neck Line

Based out of Orlando, Florida, Beard Gains is a luxury company that’s made for a man, but loved by women. No really, that’s their slogan, and truth be told I believe it. There are a lot of people out there in the world whose beards don’t connect and many more whose beards just are unkempt, but overall way too many people who just need to get their beard in line. There are products for that so let me get into the details.

The company sent me out their Beard Symmetry 2.0, which is everything you’d expect its name to mean. The guidance grooming tool will bring you back to the classroom symmetry tool that allowed you to get proper curves and shapes, but now as an adult this is for your face. Way too many men out there are free handing their beards, and the last thing you need it to have more hair on your face on the left than on the right, but Beard Gains is here to help you out. By simply lining up the Beard Symmetry 2.0 right to the designated spot, you can simply use your home clippers for a perfect mustache, neck, or cheek line. Sure, you can try to freehand it and come out uneven (even I’m guilty), but after using the Symmetry 2.0, now I know those new grown hairs that rid my face after a week of cold temperatures can be tamed without being scared of cutting too low.

A big thing for me, however, is the neckline feature. I hate having hair on my neckline, it makes me feel like lesser of a man, and if your neckline has hairs that aren’t even, let’s face it, no woman is going to take you seriously. If you can’t take care of your facial hair, what good are you to her? Exactly. Fix your face and get yourself a symmetry tool, that won’t only do you justice with the ladies, but will save you from going to the barber every week, spending $10-15 on a job you can do yourself. Beard Gains is even nice enough to give you a free mini comb for your beard, so you can stop stealing your girlfriends. It happens, but these are cooler, I promise you.

Available for $19.99, you need to head over to Beard Gains site today for more information.

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