Digitsole Attempts to Outdo Themselves with New Smart Shoes

Back at CES 2016, Digitsole released the world’s first auto-lacing smart shoe; so, how do they plan on outdoing themselves this year?

Digitsole Attempts to Outdo Themselves with New Smart Shoes

The answer is simple: Make a collection of smart shoes! Effective today, Digitsole has announced over ten new models of their Digitsole smart shoes, including a woman’s high-heel show with telescopic tech, as well as a smart running show that adapts it’s cushioning in real-time. Combining fashion with functionality, Digitsole plans on making the most innovative footwear in the industry.

Digitsole’s Women’s high-heel with telescopic tech can be adjusted at the heel with a single tap on your smartphone. But it can also count steps, calories and distance traveled.

Digitsole Attempts to Outdo Themselves with New Smart Shoes

A CES 2017 Innovation Award Honoree, the Active Cushioning Run Profiler is the first show that can actually analyze a running session as well as adapt on the fly.

Other models include the Smartshoe 002, which was a hit back at CES 2016, an Outdoor Shoe with Warm technology which would be great for outdoor activities, and a men’s dress shoe with walk profiler that analyzes even your POSTURE so you can prevent injury.

For more information on the new fleet of Digitsole smart shoes, head over to their site today.

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