Ashley Chloe’s FUSE Headsets Are Fashionable & Functional

Announced at CES here in Las Vegas, the FUSE Smart Modular Wireless Earbuds by Ashley Chloe, Inc. are a 2017 CES Innovation Awards Nominee.

Ashley Chloe's FUSE Headsets Are Fashionable & Functional

The world’s first ceramic headphones, the FUSE are designed to be carried, charged and connected in many different forms. Ashley Chloe products are known for their diversity in fashion, and now the FUSE will show that once again the brand can make a limitless product.

Ashley Chloe's FUSE Headsets Are Fashionable & Functional

Consisting of two wireless earbuds that fuse together through a connector that forms into a pill shaped module which not only makes it more portable, but the fashion-forward earbuds use their ceramic housing to improve bluetooth connectivity giving you a superior sound quality all while being waterproof. Powered by a high-density battery, the FUSE will give you some extra hour of music and talk time battery life with just a 15 minute charge, and comes with an AI-enabled smart assistant.

Ashley Chloe's FUSE Headsets Are Fashionable & Functional

“FUSE earbuds seek to give users the listening experience that they desire, free of cords and personalized to their unique tastes.” Angela Pan, Founder & CEO of Ashley Chloe. “Fashion and function are always at the forefront of Ashley Chloe’s innovation. FUSE is the next generation of Ashley Chloe’s design that recognizes the need for personalized options and meets the demands in the headphones and wearables market. We are looking forward to partnering with innovative fashion brands to create versatile accessories for FUSE earbuds.”

Available in the fall of 2017 in black and white, the FUSE will sell for $199. For more information, head over to Ashley Chloe’s site today.

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