TrackR Announces Partnership to Make Personal Item Management More Family Friendly

TrackR may be known for their popular item finding products, but a new partnership with GeoZila adds family safety to your favorite personal item manager.

TrackR Announces Partnership to Make Personal Item Management More Family Friendly

The popular brand announced today here in Las Vegas that their cloud-based platform is expanding from just remembering where your keys and wallet are, to a wider genre by joining forces with GeoZilla, a company known for their family safety assistant app that helps you know a family members location on the fly. Going forward with the GeoZilla integration, future TrackR products that you normally attach to your keys, backpack and even pets can now be found more securely thanks to GeoZilla’s mobile app, showing you the TrackR (and what it’s attached to), on GeoZilla’s map so you’ll never not know where that special someone is.

“With this partnership we want to help families relieve the stress of having to constantly think where their valuables are,” said Igor Gonebnyy, CEO of GeoZilla. “You have all of them on the map, as well as your family. Left your wallet at home? Ping whomever is at home via GeoZilla to get it for you.”

There are already 4.5 million TrackR’s out and being used by customers to date, and with GeoZilla’s platform already reaching over a half million families, the full integration between the two looks to roll out by Spring of this year. For more information on the partnership, head over to TrackR’s site today.

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