Hello Egg: Artificial Intelligence Creates the Ultimate Kitchen Solution

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Hello Egg: Artificial Intelligence Creates the Ultimate Kitchen Solution Listen to this article

Announced at ShowStoppers at CES 2017 is the Hello Egg, an ultimate kitchen solution you should be checking out today.

Hello Egg Is the Ultimate Kitchen Solution

According to research, 92% of Americans aged 25-34 all agree that home cooking is healthier than eating out. I would be the 8% that honestly ate out too much in 2016, so 2017 marks the year of change. So hopefully with the help of Eggspert, the Hello Egg is an assistant that plans your weekly meals according to your dietary preferences and adjusts automatically to unpredicted events like a spontaneous dinner with a friend with dietary restrictions. Using easy-to-follow step-by-step video recipes, the Hello Egg uses Artificial Intelligence and a 24/7 support team of cooking experts to get you the perfect meal every time.

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“The initial tests of Hello Egg went significantly well and the feedback we received after the product announcement has confirmed the need for a dedicated smart cooking assistant,” said Dmytro Shemet, CEO of RnD64. “With Eggspert, we apply AI not only to facilitate the user’s kitchen experience but also to analyze their nutritional needs and optimize their cooking process on every level.”

Shipping this quarter, the Hello Egg is available for preorder.

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