JVC Bluetooth Headphones: New Strides in 2017


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Today, JVC announced they will be expanding their 2017 brand of Bluetooth headphones releasing a few great products that are sure to be on your 2017 wish list.

First up is the new Bluetooth model of JVC’s popular Marshmallow series. Their HA-FX39BT Bluetooth headphones are of the neckband variant, featuring a mic and remote, and ability to be worn with comfort anywhere. With JVC’s new smart cable adjustment system, you’ll never worry about tangled cords again. Available in April in five colors, the Marshmallow HA-FX39BT will cost $49.99

JVC Bluetooth Headphones

If you live an active lifestyle, JVC has launched both the in-ear HA-ET50BT and the ear clip HA-EC30BT. Both are water-resistant and have a mic and remote, a magnetic clasp for how the two ends together when you’re not listening and both come in a variety of colors. Both available in April, with the HA-ET50BT costing you $79.99 and the HA-EC30BT costing $59.95.

Fans of on-ear Bluetooth headphones are going to want the HA-S190BT, which have swiveling ear cups for portability, and a choice of five matte finished will cost 449.95 when available in April.

JVC Bluetooth Headphones

There’s a noise canceling option with JVC’s HA-S90BT which not only offer up the foldable design, but over 20 hours of use with both Bluetooth and noise cancellation turned on, or 24 hours just using Bluetooth. The HA-S90BT’s come with an integrated mic and cable, three selectable sound modes, and a detachable cord for when you want to go truly wireless. It’s nice to have options right? The HA-S90Bn will be available in April for $149.95.

In addition, there are some even more cost-friendly buds available by JVC such as the Gummy HA-F250BT, which is their Bluetooth version of the popular Gummy line. Being splash proof, you can feel free to take a run and not have the buds fall out of your ears thanks to their comfortable nozzle-fit earpieces. Available in four colors they will be priced at $39.95 and also available in April.

For more information on all of JVC’s latest products, head over to their site today.

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