Oblend Is Your Personal Essential Oils Bartender

WARNING: The products discussed may contain or use nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical; in many cities and a few states, you must be 21 to purchase vaping products or products containing nicotine. Please familiarize yourself with and obey the law in your location.

Essential oils, as room vaporizers, personal vaporizers, lotions, drinks, and any other way to consume them, have become a very big business. People are becoming more and more aware of the various health benefits from plant extracts, but it can be prohibitively complex and expensive to customize.

Oblend is about to make customization as simple as pushing a button, and it’s going to revolutionize the entire industry.

That’s high praise, but Oblend really has created a simple but powerful device to truly take oils from an off the shelf solution to something personalized to your needs. They offer a huge complement of essential oil and CBD oil cartridges, and with the companion app, you can design exactly what you want. If you want something refreshing to wake you up in the morning in your tea, you can dial in the exact flavors and amounts that work for you. You can fill your own vape cartridges with the exact blend you prefer. It even has a lotion setting that will warm up a lotion to make it easy to blend in oils for topical use.

What is amazing about Oblend is how unique every blend can truly be. The app provides premixed recipes, and you can go in to dial-in specific amounts if you prefer a different mix. As Oblend explained it, this is effectively a consumer-level compounding pharmacy for plant oils. Everyone from individuals to medical professionals can design recipes, and they can be consumed, taken topically, sublingually, or inhaled. The concept of mixing drugs isn’t new, but Oblend is taking it from the R&D labs of biopharma and putting it on your kitchen counter.

Plus, if it is legal in the area where you live, you can obtain cartridges with THC, allowing you to be your own dispensary. All this can be explored via their companion app, where you can change the mix down to 1-2% differences, save the recipes that you like best, and browse the various recipe ideas designed by others.

This is about more than just the burgeoning cannabis business though. There is a huge market for essential oil products, and many companies are exploring what it means to market these to the consumer. We reviewed the KININ aromatherapy sticks earlier this year, which run for $22/stick or $60 for 3. If you were to buy 40 of them, that’s going to run you into the $700-800 range depending on sales, etc. Oblend will run you up to $999 MSRP (they are currently on sale for 50% off), but you’re picking up an assortment of flavor cartridges, the chance to build flavors that are entirely your own, AND you can make your own products in whichever way you wish to consume it. Likewise, if you’ve ever been cornered by someone selling essential oils, the small bottles themselves cost upwards of $25-30 per bottle, and if you want them to come in anything other than aromatherapy form, you’ll be paying significantly more.

All this context is necessary because it helps to showcase how impressive Oblend is, as well as how excellent the value is (especially at 50% off!). You spend a bit up front, but then you will have 100% personalized choices going forwards. If you like a relaxing blend but hate lavender, you can make your own blend without it. If you want a blend with an extra boost of one scent, or you want to figure out how much CBD oil is a good level for you, you can find what works for you, not what works in a mass-marketed lab. It’s also important to remember this isn’t only about cannabis. You can blend all sorts of essential oils, and you can do anything from adding some pep to your tea to designing your own perfect lotion experience.

Oblend sees this as the same technological leap forward as the microprocessor; when we sent astronauts into space, calculators, and computers were the realm of NASA engineers. Today, we carry devices in our pockets more powerful than we used to launch our first rocket. Oblend is designed to be the same kind of leap forwards; taking the health benefits of plant oils from an expensive, one size fits all approach to one that creates a blend as unique as you are! Check it out here.

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