B&O Play Announces Their Beoplay M5 Speaker at CES 2017

Bang and Olufsen announced this week at CES a new member of their wireless speakers for your home so you can not only have a beautiful speaker, but a great way to listen to your tunes.

B&O Play Announces Their Beoplay M5 Speaker at CES 2017

Designed by Cecilie Manz, an award-winning Danish industrial designer, the Beoplay M5 is a stylish way to connect people to the music they love, all while giving B&O’s flawless signature sound. Encased in a premium wool-blend fabric, the Beoplay M5 adds an appeal that is unmatched on the market today.

“Beoplay M5 delivers perfectly on our vision of speakers for the home that play beautiful music and look wonderful doing so. For people who dream of a home where music flows through every room and speakers double as design objects that are controlled from the comfort of your smartphone or tablet, Beoplay M5 marks the perfect beginning to that journey”, says Jens Jermiin, Head of Global Marketing at B&O PLAY.

B&O Play Announces Their Beoplay M5 Speaker at CES 2017

The top of the speaker is a disc that’s made of aluminum, which is pearl-blasted and anodized to make a luxurious appearance. One thing that Cecilie Manz is known for is her craftsmanship more specifically in the furniture world. So it’s no surprise that the Beoplay M5 runs away with the efforts she’s made to show off an awesome device. Coming with True360 degree omnidirectional sound, the Beoplay M5 gives you an equally perfect sound regardless if the speaker sits on a coffee table or in the corner of a room. With three evenly distributed tweeters, a full range front facing midrange driver and a 5-inch neodymium powered woofer that fired down, none of your music will sound watered down. Using a proprietary Ambient Technology, the Beoplay M5 creates a true stereo sound experience that most companies will tell you requires additional purchases and separate “hubs” in order to pull off.

Bang & Olufsen’s Beoplay M5 comes with Chromecast built-in via the cloud, so you can stream millions and millions of songs from over 100 streaming services including Spotify, Pandora and Google Play. If you choose to go multi-room, you can easily connect any Chromecast-enabled speaker so you can let music flow seamlessly through every room in your house. So if you have a Beoplay A6, or Beoplay A9, now you can certainly go multi-room. Available for $599 in Natural and Black colorways, you can purchase directly from Beoplay today.

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