Fitbit Hardens Their Position with New Fitness Software

Fitbit hardware has only gained in popularity in recent years. The company is on a roll and is now making their wearables even more powerful through new software tools. These tools deliver personalized insights, smarter guidance and more motivation to people rocking a Fitbit.

Fitbit Hardens Their Position with New Fitness Software

Fitbit recognizes that peer pressure- in this case referred to as “the motivational power of a strong support network”- can add to the effectiveness of someone trying to get or stay in shape using one of their devices. That’s why they designed a new social experience intended to inspire and motivate people. The new Community section of the Fitbit app shows off this new approach. In it users will find sections such as Feed, Friends and Groups that let them connect with others and, in the process, be supported and inspired as they try to get, or stay, in shape.


Enhanced Fitbit social experience and redesigned Fitstar Personal Trainer app connect users and deliver tailored guidance that can help drive behavior change to maximize health outcomes.

Fitbit Hardens Their Position with New Fitness Software

When it comes to health and fitness one size does not fit all. That’s why Fitbit redesigned their Fitstar Personal Trainer app and added a new Personal Goal Setting feature.

Fitbit Hardens Their Position with New Fitness Software


As James Park, co-founder and CEO of Fitbit notes,

In order to help drive true behavior change, you have to make health fun, engaging and meaningful. For nearly 10 years, we have been the leader in the connected health and fitness category because we have consistently delivered innovative products, software and services that work together to create an engaging experience our users love and can’t live without. With these latest advancements, we’re delivering even more ways to interact with your social network and provide a smarter, more tailored experience, transforming the personal value of Fitbit devices from beloved fitness trackers to an integral part of your life.

Fitbit is in a unique position to have a major impact on people’s health. In fact, the numbers show just how impactful Fitbit can be. For example,

  • There have been more than 54 million Fitbit devices sold
  • It is the number one health and fitness app
  • Fitbit has created one of the largest fitness social networks in the world
  • In the last year, Fitbit saw a 98% increase in the number of users who have at least one friend on the Fitbit platform
  • Fitbit users average more than six friends also using a Fitbit device
  • Data also shows that having support from friends and family helps Fitbit users move more
  • Users who have one or more friends take 700 more steps per day on average than users without friends on the platform

Fitbit Hardens Their Position with New Fitness Software

All that adds up to Fitbit being positioned to make serious inroads to health and fitness on a large scale. The new app features are designed to help do just that. Central to this is the “Fitbit Community.” It consists of a few elements.


This is a new social feature that lets Fitbitters connect with friends, family and groups of like-minded individuals. Through those connections they can:

  • Share inspirational moments from their daily routine, including exercise summaries, badges, trophies, photos and more, to receive encouragement and celebrate progress.
  • Read content written by Fitbit’s health and fitness experts to educate, inspire and empower you to achieve your goals.
  • Discover and attend workouts led by talented trainers thereby making it easier to find attractive workouts and meet people with shared interests.
  • Connect with friends, family and other Fitbit users across the globe who can offer encouragement
  • Compete with Friends to take the most steps, while cheering, taunting and direct messaging them to move up the Leader Board.
  • Discover and join communities of like-minded people to help support and inspire.
  • Select from over 20 groups related to fitness, nutrition, wellness and weight loss.

Fitbit Hardens Their Position with New Fitness Software

Personalized Guidance

Fitbit explains:

Fitbit has always understood there is no one size fits all approach to health and fitness. Everyone is unique with individual interests, needs and fitness abilities that require tailored advice and information.

The result is an updated Fitstar Personal Trainer app experience. It delivers personalized, adaptive video-based exercise routines. These can be accessed and done whether at home or on the go. They are customized to the individual’s fitness level and evolve over time as progress is made.

Fitbit Hardens Their Position with New Fitness Software

Fitstar Personal Trainer offers:

  • Access to recommended workouts based on daily activity tracked with a Fitbit device, or from the new “Guidance” tab coming soon to the Fitbit app. For example, if you completed a five-mile run yesterday, the app will suggest a customized session that lets your lower body recover and targets your abs and arms.
  • Two new certified personal trainers, Adrian and Lea, offer guidance. There are two trainers so users can decide who is more of a motivation.
  • A customized workout soundtrack with Fitstar Radio, which offers a variety of popular music stations from Pop to Hip Hop.
  • A redesigned look and feel provides a fresh and inspiring exercise experience that you can view on any format, from mobile phones to the latest high-def TVs.
  • Personal Goal Setting that provides a step-by-step guided process to help create achievable goals
  • Defined health and fitness objectives set by identifying focus areas such as steps, exercise, sleep, nutrition, or weight
  • Personalized recommendations based on individual objectives and historical Fitbit data. (For example, if your motivation is to get more fit and your data shows you walk an average of 9,200 steps per day, Fitbit may recommend setting a higher goal of 10,000 steps per day.)

Fitbit Hardens Their Position with New Fitness Software

Finally, Fitbit has announced new tools that will enhance the power of the Fitbit Blaze. These include:

  • Cardio Fitness Level: provides a snapshot of your cardiovascular fitness. Based on estimated VO2 Max – calculated by your user profile, heart rate and exercise data – you can easily see how your fitness level relates to others of the same age and gender, and get guidance on how to improve over time.
  • Relax guided breathing sessions: help calm your body and mind through two- and five-minute sessions personalized to your breathing rate, so you can gain the benefits of a guided breathing practice, which research shows can reduce stress and anxiety, and lower blood pressure.

I’m especially excited about this last part since, thanks to Fitbit, I have a Fitbit Blaze on the way to me to help in my getting back into a shape after weeks of inactivity due to some broken ribs.

Fitbit Hardens Their Position with New Fitness Software

The updated Fitstar Personal Trainer is available globally today on Android phones, iOS devices and online; in English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish. Community will be available to Fitbit app users in the U.S. in March 2017 and globally later this year. Personal Goal Setting will be available to all existing Fitbit app users globally in January 2017. And the new features for Fitbit Blaze will be available globally in February 2017.

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