Acer Spins up an Impressive Upgrade with the Acer Spin 514 Chromebook

Acer was one of the first computer manufacturers to see the value in Chrome OS, and they’ve especially been big on the convertible concept. The Acer Spin 514 Chromebook is the latest generation of Acer’s iconic touchscreen convertible laptops, and it’s a very impressive upgrade.

Acer Spin 514 Chromebook

The Acer Spin 514 Chromebook has an AMD Ryzen 3000 processor and AMD Radeon Graphics, so it can multitask and handle all kinds of heavy lifting — a far cry from the original ChromeOS when browsing with more than 5 tabs was a big ask! You can also get up to 10 hours of battery life, and the Spin can support up to 16GB of RAM. Most impressive, the Spin 514 offers military-grade durability and Gorilla Glass on the 14″ screen, making it a tough, fast, long-lasting laptop!

Acer is offering the Spin 514 in consumer and enterprise versions. The consumer one starts at $479.99, with the Enterprise edition for workplace deployment starting at $749.99, both coming in March.

Via Acer

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