Logitech Announces Harmony Pro Portal for Installers & Multi-Zone Software

Makers of the best universal remotes on the market, Logitech announced their all new Harmony Pro Portal, which is made for commercial installers to use their Harmony products at CES 2017.

Logitech Announces Harmony Pro Portal for Installers & Multi-Zone Software

The Harmony Pro Portal is a site dedicated for professionals installer using the Logitech Harmony Pro, and allows them to manage an unlimited amount of Harmony user accounts in real-time so they can not only customize and even troubleshoot their setups remotely.

“We developed the Harmony Pro remote to address the unique needs of professional A/V installers,” said Renee Niemi, vice president and general manager of Logitech Smart Home. “The Harmony Pro Portal is a continuation of our commitment to this channel,  offering time saving tools with the flexibility to set up and troubleshoot on the fly. And the newly added Multi-Zone capability enhances what the Harmony Pro can already do by allowing for audio control throughout different areas in the home.”


If the Harmony Pro installer registers with the portal, they will be able to preload Harmony firmware, and copy settings from a template in order to store them on other installations. Thanks to compatibility with Mac and Windows PC, as well as iOS and Android devices, the new Harmony Pro Portal is accessible wherever the installer is.

A new welcomed feature from Logitech is the ability to add multiple rooms. Labeled the “Multi-Zone”, this addition extends audio signals from a central AVR into up to eight different zones, which eliminates the need for numerous workarounds and complex setups on your Harmony Pro remote.

For more information on Logitech’s Installer upgrades, you can visit here today.

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