Never Lose Your Pet Again with the Scollar

We are in full swing here at CES 2017, and one surprise tech product that has been making waves here in Las Vegas is Scollar, a smart collar for small cats and dogs.

Never Lose Your Pet Again with the Scollar

Designed to make caring for your pet as easy as it is to love them, the Scollar is an easy to use, fairly good looking collar for your pet that hosts not only an interactive display screen, but also GPS so your pet never strays, as well as a reminder for flea and tick medications, something that I still manage to forget until the day of. With night visibility, you and your pet can now be seen from afar on an evening stroll which is a BIG feature to have. The battery that is housed inside of the Scollar is swappable and courtesy of a battery charging case, you can always have a backup. Scollar even made sure to include an integrated app (for iOS and Android) that you can use to monitor your pets health from anywhere, which is always great to have.


Scollar CEO and Founder Lisa Tamayo says, “There is a huge gap in the market when it comes to smaller animals, which is why we made our first smart collars for small dogs and cats.”


Launching early Summer of this year, for more information on the Scollar smart collar head to their site today.

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