Lutron Diva Dimmer and Claro Switch Are Smarter than Ever!

Lutron makes all kinds of great devices to keep your home lights going. Their Caséta system aims to make sure you can customize your lighting controls wirelessly, and they’ve expanded that lineup at CES with the new Diva smart dimmer and Claro smart switch in a variety of colors to match your decor!

Lutron Diva Dimmer and Claro Switch Are Smarter than Ever!

The Diva smart dimmer provides precise dimming control, along with a light bar and the ability to pre-set your functionality.

Want the lights to come on gently as the sun sets? Want to make sure there’s a light on when you get home from work? Want to prank your family members by programming the lights to come on and off? Diva has you covered, AND it comes in white, black, gray, brown, ivory, and light almond.

Best of all, Diva works with existing wiring, making installation a snap.

Lutron Diva Dimmer and Claro Switch Are Smarter than Ever!

There’s also the Claro smart accessory switch, which is designed to work with both Diva smart dimmers and Claro smart switches.

Claro will allow you to control the lighting system without having to add more devices to the Caséta smart hub. It will also come in the same six colors, so you can either make sure your house has a consistent decor or change things up to confuse and dazzle your friends.

Lutron devices are compatible with Alexa, HomeKit, Google, Ring, and Sonos, making them fit perfectly with however you automate your household.

Click here to learn more about the Caseta Diva Smart Dimmer and the Claro Smart Switch.

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