Review: Ted Baker Charging Kit from Proporta

I actually received Proporta’s Ted Baker Charging Kit by mistake when asking Proporta for the Gadget Bag.  I offered to review it for them, and they accepted! 😀  So, what makes this charging kit special?  Let’s take a look.

Review: Ted Baker Charging Kit from Proporta

According to Wikipedia, Ted Baker is a clothing store in the UK; they are known for applying twists to their products.  I have never been to the UK, but on the Ted Baker website I learned that they are a designer clothing company, and the wikipedia entry reveals that they have been coming to this side of the pond as well.  Ted Baker was also featured in the upcoming James Bond Casino Royale film; let’s see if this charging kit is stylish enough for the intrepid James Bond to carry.

The kit included a chocolate brown velvet bag that is and awesome way to carry the kit.  Inside the bag, there’s a cigarette lighter USB adapter, the battery, international power adapters, a Mini B USB cable. a retractable USB charger cable and various adapters for charging many different devices including the iPod.

The battery is the same as the Proporta USB Mobile Device Charger, but it’s chocolate brown in color and it has the Ted Baker London label imprinted on the battery’s side.  It’s a 3400 mAh Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery, and it will charge anything that can be charged from a USB port. From an iPod to my Bluetooth headphones, it can recharge all of these, and it also can be charged from the included AC adapter as well as the 12 v cigarette adapter; you can also hook it directly to a computer USB port and it will also charge the battery.Review: Ted Baker Charging Kit from Proporta

The battery has a button on it that you will have to press to charge the device hooked to the USB port on the battery.  If your device stops charging itself, the battery shuts off automatically.

Review: Ted Baker Charging Kit from Proporta

My Insignia Pilot will continue to run off of the port as it’s charging; but once it’s charged, it continues to draw power from the battery rather than from the Pilot’s internal battery.  This is a good thing, as it means the music doesn’t stop until the Proporta battery and the internal battery are both dead.  This greatly extends the battery life of my Insignia Pilot and I do see nearly triple the battery life when running the Pilot off of this battery with the Bluetooth headphones turned on.

I have charged my headphones from the battery at least 3 times.  This battery will recharge the MP3 player and then the headphones and still have enough juice to charge something else; it lasts a long time.

If your a international traveler, like our Judie and her daughter Sarah, this charging kit is the perfect companion allowing you to keep all of your USB chargeable devices topped off while on the go as well as recharging the battery itself with any of the included adapters.  Thankfully, it also has the US adapter so once they get home they could continue to use this.

Review: Ted Baker Charging Kit from Proporta

The retractable charge cable has interchangeable ends that allow you to charge pretty much anything that will draw power from a USB cable.  If the tip isn’t included in the kit for your phone, additional tips available on the Proporta web site for $1.85

Review: Ted Baker Charging Kit from Proporta

If there is no tip, you can always try hooking your device’s included USB cable to the battery; sometimes this works.  This worked for my Insignia Pilot, but the Centro I have in for review would not charge on its USB cable.

This kit is a awesome charging kit allowing you not just one charge, but multiple charges on most devices.  It’s definitely something I want to put in my carry-on when I go on my next business trip; all of my chargers will stay in the suitcase on my next trip.

James Bond should definitely carry this as he will never have to be without his theme music!

The Ted Baker Charging Kit is available at for $49.95 plus shipping.

What I like: Will charge anything that will charge from a USB port and will also charge itself off of your computer’s USB port.  The 12 V adapter will let you also recharge this in your car.  You will NEVER be without power when yoru carrying this battery.

What needs improvement: Nothing

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