Regardless of Who Wins Tomorrow, You Won’t Be a Loser Thanks to Tile

Tile is the leader in lost and found products on the market, and they want to make sure that regardless of what team you pick for Sunday’s biggest sporting event, you won’t go home a loser.

Regardless of Who Wins Tomorrow, You Won't Be a Loser Thanks to Tile

On February 24th following this Sunday’s Super Bowl, the Tile team will go to either Atlanta or Boston, depending on who loses and distribute 51,000 Tile Originals. Tile will announce exact locations of where they will distribute the Tiles to the second-place home team before Tile arrives in town. And if all of the Tiles aren’t claimed, any leftovers will be donated to charity.

“Whether it’s our keys, wallet, car or the biggest football game of the year, losing stuff hurts,” said Mike Farley, Co-founder and CEO of Tile. “We know that Monday morning a big community will be coming to terms with losing their chance for the Lombardi. In short, we want to help them experience less loss the rest of the year.”

You might win some, but if you lose one come Sunday, Tile’s got your back. For more information, head over to Tile’s site today.

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