Order Dominos Through Facebook Ahead of the Super Bowl This Sunday

Chances are, you are inviting your friends to come over and watch the Super Bowl with you this Sunday, and Dominos wants to make sure that you don’t go searching for leftovers in your fridge to give to them.

Order Dominos Through Facebook Ahead of the Super Bowl This Sunday

If you are a fan of Facebook’s Messenger App, then you’ll be happy to know that Domino’s had added the ability to order anything on the menu directly from the popular messenger app. They are the first Pizza chain to add this feature, and it’s great because now not only can you invite your friends over from the app, but now you can get your wings and pizzas from it as well. Awesome, right?

What’s more, if you order from the Messenger app, you get 20% off every menu priced item at checkout.

“Football teams strive to get better and maintain their winning edge, and Domino’s is no different,” Maloney said. “Launching Messenger ordering with Pizza Profiles was a great first step, but Dom’s ordering capabilities are continuing to advance as Domino’s AnyWare technology evolves. We think of ourselves as a brand in progress and wanted to create an even bigger and better ordering experience for customers.”

The Super Bowl is one of the five busiest days for Dominos, and if you’re not a fan of cooking for kickoff, good comfort food is great, regardless if you are rooting for Tom Brady and the Pats, or Matt Ryan and the Falcons .

Be sure to download the Messenger app in the App Store and start ordering today.

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