The Labb by Noomoon: My Favorite Apple Watch Band

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The Labb by Noomoon: My Favorite Apple Watch Band Listen to this article

Noomoon is a company based out of Switzerland that has designed one of the slickest looking Apple Watch straps that I’ve seen called the LABB, which is labeled as the one and only completely loop-less and buckle-less band for your Apple wrist wear.

They sent us over a version of the Swiss band to check out, and it’s become one of my favorite bands to wear.

The Labb by Noomoon: My Favorite Apple Watch Band

An already successful Kickstarter campaign, the LABB by Noomoon (short for loop-less and buck-less band) is available in red, black, blue, green or white and promises to be the only Apple Watch band you need, regardless if you live an active lifestyle, or just want to go out for a night on the town.

The Labb by Noomoon: My Favorite Apple Watch Band

Designed by Benjamin Hubert, the LABB by Noomoon was designed to be functional, soft, and waterproof which is great, especially if you’re using the Series 2 of the Apple Watch. The band itself is made from fluoroelastomer, which is a soft rubber material that is made to withstands extended wear without stretching or taking damage.

“When approached by Noomoon to design a strap for the new generation of smartwatches, we decided to focus on finding an innovative and fun fixing method,” said Hubert.

“The result is the LABB, a stylistically new and functionally intelligent self-gripping strap that is inspired by the fast-moving lives we lead, yet surpasses trends to become timeless.”

The Labb by Noomoon: My Favorite Apple Watch Band

The band itself has no physical loops or buckles which puzzled me a bit because I wasn’t sure how I would not only wrap it around my wrist but how would it stay fastened. But once placed on your wrist, Noomoon says the only thing you need to do is align the band up evenly, and simply take your finger and press down on firmly for the straps to mesh together. Think of the straps as rubberized Velcro in a sense where one end interlock with each other in order to give you a tight form fit on your wrist. It’s pretty ingenious that Apple itself didn’t think of this themselves, but I feel as though many imitators might begin to follow suit.

The Labb by Noomoon: My Favorite Apple Watch Band

In terms of comfort, it almost feels native to the already light Apple Watch. When it’s on my wrist, I can go from the office directly to the gym without having to switch bands, and when doing activities such as lifting weights, running and jogging, the band stays secured to my wrist and has been holding up well the past few weeks.

The Labb by Noomoon: My Favorite Apple Watch Band

Where my Apple Watch bands by Apple fail is they tend to get filthy after a workout, I’ve run miles with the LABB by Noomoon and since the band itself is perforated and breathable, I don’t get half of the wrist sweat caught up under the band which is actually pretty nice.

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The Labb by Noomoon: My Favorite Apple Watch Band

When using in the office typing, the band sits flush so there’s no adverse effect or discomfort after multiple hours of my wrist resting on a desk which is nice.

The Labb by Noomoon: My Favorite Apple Watch Band

Taking the band off is as simple as just taking one end and peeling it off as you would with Velcro, without the stretching fabric sound. Saying that to say this, I’ve used the LABB by Noomoon every day since I received it in the mail, and I have yet to change back to any of the other bands that I used previously. It’s stylish enough to go with any of my outfits, especially in the blue color that I received, although I would love to try out the black and green colors as well. Regardless of which color Apple Watch you chose, the LABB can be fitted with either black or silver lugs, which look great even with the rose gold Apple Watch. You can even mix and match the bands to your choosing depending on how you feel.

The Labb by Noomoon: My Favorite Apple Watch Band

If anything, I would love to see more colors down the line, but Noomoon is on the right path with this awesome Apple Watch band. If you’re looking for probably the only Apple Watch band you’ll need — from the boardroom to the treadmill — then you really need to check out the LABB Apple Watch band.

Currently available for pre-order, you can head over to Kickstarter for the LABB by Noomoon.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: softest rubber band I’ve worn and incredibly thin

What Needs Improvement: The first few times you attempt to put the band on will be a bit interesting and requires a slight learning curve aligning properly

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