Oppermann London: A Truly Luxurious Leather iPhone 7 Case

Oppermann London is a popular luxury leather maker that specializes in men’s accessories such as bags and wallets. More recently, the company has ventured into making iPhone smartphone cases; they sent over their slim leather case for the iPhone 7 Plus for us to review. So let’s get right into it.

Available in four colors (Cognac, Chocolate, Black, and Grey), the Slim leather case for the iPhone 7 Plus is also available for the smaller iPhone 7, but both overall are fantastic.

Made of vegetable-tanned leather, compared to Apple’s very own leather case, the Oppermann London iPhone case not only feels amazing in the hand but looks (and smells) fantastic.

With a matte finishing, the slim leather case hasn’t quite aged on me yet, but even after doing casual things like carrying in my pocket, after about two weeks, the case is starting to hold its own in terms of personality.

Designed to not take away from the elegance of the iPhone, Oppermann’s case covers the sides, on the front, all while leaving elements like physical buttons completely open. That being said, the drop protection you’re looking for?

Not on this case at all. This case is there in terms of sheer elegance and will be an awesome showpiece for their smartphone, but a simple drop even at waist height face down can be drastic for your phone (unless of course you drop it at an angle and it hits one of the covered corners.

This case is dockable and works with any Apple Lightning cable due to the port being fully exposed at the bottom.

Overall, compared to Apple’s case, I prefer the Oppermann London case hands down. It’s a bit slimmer in size, which means it feels more natural in hand, and the colors seem to just simply look darker than Apple’s. While I wish more of the bottom of the Oppermann was covered, it’s actually still a very awesome case, and I would advise anyone who’s into slim leather cases pick this up. For roughly $75 ($73.64 to be exact) it’s not the cheapest leather case in the world, but the company has added the ability to engrave initials on the back of the case that gives it a bit of individuality that you won’t get from others, which I do think is very cool.

For more information on Oppermann’s iPhone 7 cases, head over to their site today to check them out. Iphone 7 |iPhone 7 Plus

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Leather looks feels and smells awesome and slimmer than Apple’s very own leather case

What Needs Improvement: I would like the case to cover the entire bottom; I’d like better drop protection for the front of the iPhone

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