Kanex Mini Multi-Sync Keyboard Allows for Continuity Between Your Devices

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Apple’s very own Magic Keyboard 2, all while nice like any other Apple product, is awfully expensive compared to its competition. If you are looking for something a bit cheaper that serves the same purpose while looking just as nice, you should really check out the Kanex Mini Multi-Sync Bluetooth Keyboard.

Kanex Mini Multi-Sync Keyboard Allows for Continuity Between Your Devices

We got the chance to get our hands on the Kanex Mini Multi-Sync Bluetooth Keyboard, and it’s absolutely phenomenal. I’ve been using it over the past couple of weeks to type up my articles, including this one, and it’s been a real treat to have. At $49.95, it’s a fraction of the price cheaper than Apple’s version. Inside of the box, you receive the keyboard itself, made of aluminum with rubberized soft-touch buttons that are black. You also receive all of the literature and instructions, a micro-USB cable to charge, and a neat carrying case that fits the keyboard in comfortably so you don’t worry about it getting ruined among all of the other things in your bag. Minus the fact that there are no numeric keys like the larger Kanex Multi-sync, it’s virtually identical to that.

Kanex Mini Multi-Sync Keyboard Allows for Continuity Between Your Devices

One thing that I really do love about this keyboard versus others that I’ve tried in the past is that it does charge through USB. While most may not care for this method and opt for removable batteries, I tend to carry cables with me which makes it easier when the battery dies on the keyboard, I can simply sit the keyboard at my desktop and have it charge just like I would my phone.

Kanex Mini Multi-Sync Keyboard Allows for Continuity Between Your Devices

This saves a world of time in a pinch, and you won’t find yourself looking for a local store trying to find AAA batteries so it’s great that Kanex offered up this option. It lasts several weeks on a single charge which is great, and there are even indicators beside the micro-USB port that allow you to see not only the battery level but if the keyboard is locked at all.

Kanex Mini Multi-Sync Keyboard Allows for Continuity Between Your Devices

It’s super light portable and functions just any like other normal portable keyboard would, with enough travel to allow typing at a desk or table without feeling discomfort at all. It’s worth mentioning however that this keyboard does not have expandable legs and only sits one way without the ability to adjust.

Kanex Mini Multi-Sync Keyboard Allows for Continuity Between Your Devices

Instead, Kanex opted for three rubber grips at the top-rear of the device to prevent the keyboard from sliding while typing. I would’ve preferred having the ability to adjust the height of my typing, but since the keyboard itself is set at an angle, I haven’t had many problems at all. While the keys do not light up like my MacBook at all, I have been unbothered by this. At night though I can see it being a bit problematic for those who touch-type, or attempting to read keys from the light of their monitors. However, if you are a user of MacBook’s, you’ll be happy to know it’s the exact layout of what would get from the company.

Kanex Mini Multi-Sync Keyboard Allows for Continuity Between Your Devices

Although modeled after Apple’s Magic Keyboard, the Kanex Mini Multi-Sync Bluetooth Keyboard is able to sync to Windows, as well as Android devices as well. Through Bluetooth, you can actually connect to four total devices courtesy of the companion buttons on the keyboard. Using numbers 1-4 on the keyboard, if you shift over, you can actually switch from your devices, which really comes in handy if you want to go from typing on your smartphone, then decide you want to move over to your laptop or tablet. Continuity is something that Apple prides itself over, and it’s great that Kanex is attempting to allow customers to keep their productivity going by allowing folks like me to multiple tasks on various devices without question. It’s helpful being able to start my thoughts out on my iPhone, and then when I get to my desktop being able to browse and research all at the click of a Bluetooth button.

Outside of the keyboard not being illuminated, there’s not another drawback that I’ve seen from the Kanex Mini Bluetooth keyboard, and if you’re looking for a great portable yet fully functional keyboard to travel on the go with, look no further than the Kanex Mini.

For more information on the Kanex Mini Multi-Sync Bluetooth Keyboard, head over to their site today for more information.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review unit

What I Like: Charges through micro-USB; Ultra-light and portable

What Needs Improvement: Would like adjustable legs for the keyboard

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