Astronomy-Class 100X Telescope and Back Case for iPhone 5

Astronomy-Class 100X Telescope and Back Case for iPhone 5

A few weeks ago, we experienced a “super moon.” This is where the moon is full while at the closest proximity to the earth. My boys have a beginner telescope so we spent most of the evening in the back yard looking at the moon and discussing all of the markings and features. We were even able to see the rings of Saturn which surprised me using that particular telescope.

While we took turns admiring the majesty of the moon, my oldest said, “Dad, I wish you could hook your iPhone up to the telescope and take a picture.” Following that my youngest said, “yeah, we could all look at the same time and not take turns.” We then discussed how great an idea it would be to have a telescope with an iPhone attached so we could take pictures, videos and all see the screen together. Who knew that USB Fever would soon release the exact product we discussed that night! I am torn to let the boys know about this news post, because I know exactly what they will be begging for.

Astronomy-Class 100X Telescope and Back Case for iPhone 5

The new telescope from USB Fever not only adds a 100X lens to your iPhone 5, it also provides a monitor to an astronomical telescope. The package includes an F70060 telescope complete with a full-sized, adjustable tripod and carrying box. The TELE-LENS kit device enables the use of an iPhone 5 with the telescope and H20mm and SR4mm eyepieces to be used for traditional viewing. Use the telescope with the iPhone 5 as a monitor and photography device or use with the traditional eyepiece making this a diverse product. The Astronomy-Class 100X Telescope and Back Case for iPhone5 retails for $226.99 and can be found here at the USB-Fever website.

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  1. A ridiculously high powered refracting telescope with a tiiiiny objective lens? I know the spiel about book covers and judgments, but I can’t imagine this being a very good scope…

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