Master & Dynamic Partners with Leica to Announce a Signature Collection

Master & Dynamic is on a roll this month with new products and a lot is the same to end the month of April as the New York City-based company has announced their “Master & Dynamic for 0.95″ Signature Collection”.

Master & Dynamic Partners with Leica to Announce a Signature Collection

In collaboration with premium camera company Leica Camera, Master & Dynamic has announced their signature collection, aptly named “Master & Dynamic for 0.95”, inspired by the world’s fastest aperture aspherical lens: The Leica Noctilux-M 50mm f/0.95 ASPH.

Master & Dynamic Partners with Leica to Announce a Signature Collection

This special collection features a black on black silhouette and will expand between all of their most popular products including the MW60 Wireless Over-Ear headphones ($549), the MH40 Ove-Ear Headphones ($399), their PVD-coated brass ME05 earphones ($199) and the black steel MP1000 Headphone stand.

Master & Dynamic Partners with Leica to Announce a Signature Collection

“When I set out to create Master & Dynamic, I asked my team to think about our approach to headphones the same way revered premium brands I admire treat their products,” said Jonathan Levine, Founder and CEO of Master & Dynamic. “I’ve loved Leica’s aesthetic and craftsmanship for quite some time, so to be partnering with them on a design project within three years of the launch of Master & Dynamic is truly an honor. It’s amazing to see how many fans and enthusiasts we have in common.”

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“Concentration on the essential is Leica design’s guiding principle. At Leica we believe that ‘form follows function’ in all its consequences. This also means that all our products have to be of the highest standards in manufacturing and quality. Only if the product is close to perfection in its function can it develop these special aesthetics,” says mark Shipard, Head of Design at Leica Camera AG. “this same standard we ask for our cooperation partners, too. In Master & Dynamic, we found a partner which believes in these values equally. It was therefore an intuitive process to design this beautiful, high quality series of headphones”.

And that goes without saying because all four of the products look absolutely phenomenal. Featuring the iconic red marker you’d find on Leica’s lenses, both of the custom headphones are made of black smooth grain cowhide, topped by the iconic red color on the ear cup’s mesh material. You feel the partnership with Leica in each of the products, and even with words such as “developed in NYC, Reimagined in Wetzlar” engraved inside of the MW60 and MH40 ear cups in the company’s signature font.

All four products not only will be sold by Master & Dynamic’s online store starting May 11th, 2017 but initially, Leica Stores globally will be selling them as well. I’ve personally never owned a Leica, but if this gets me one step closer, I too can be Jamie from EuroTrip with Legendary Leica products.

For more information on the partnership, you can head over to Master & Dynamic’s site today.

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