4 Tech Gadgets You Need to Keep Your Home Secure

Your home is supposed to be your little sliver of privacy and comfort in an increasingly hostile world. It’s a place where you have the luxury of retreating and relaxing. Unfortunately, criminals don’t always respect this privacy and encroach on safety for their own personal benefit. How you defend your home will determine the safety and security of your property.

4 Tech Gadgets You Need to Keep Your Home Secure

4 Gadgets You Need for Your Home

“One of the easiest crimes to prevent – burglary – is also one of the most common,” Joseph Saling writes for WebMD. “Somewhere in the U.S. there’s a burglary committed every 15 seconds. If it happens at your home, you lose more than a few possessions. A break-in, even when you’re not there, has a major impact on your and your family’s sense of safety and well-being.”

The good news is that there are numerous home security products on the market – and most are cost-effective and easy to use. Integrating a few of them into your home could mean the difference between staying safe and being a target.

1. Night Vision Security Cameras

The best part about security cameras is that they serve two very important purposes. First off, they actively deter crime. Burglars look for cameras and are much less likely to target a property if they know they have a chance of being recorded. Secondly, cameras record criminal activity and allow you to see what happened in an incident.

Whereas they were once reserved for businesses and the occasional celebrity mansion, home security cameras are on the rise – specifically, ones that provide clear, high-resolution night vision for around-the-clock surveillance.

2. Smart Locks

Nobody likes fumbling around with keys and remembering to lock the door behind them. Unfortunately, this often leaves many homes open to unnecessary risk. If you want the added security of door locks without the inconvenience that they tend to bring, you’ll want to take a look at smart locks.

The August Smart Lock is one of the leading smart locks on the market. It actually allows you to lock and unlock doors using nothing more than your smartphone. It also gives you the ability to let people into your house remotely, which is helpful when you have someone visiting the house and you can’t make it in time to meet them.

3. Remote Monitoring Solutions

Gone are the days when you had to pay for an expensive monitoring service and get locked into a long-term contract with a security company. These days, you can take a totally DIY approach to home security and still get exceptional results.

One of the neatest tools on the market is the Novi home security device. It’s a sleek 4-in-1 device that serves as a smoke detector, motion detector, HD camera, and 90dB siren for warding off intruders.

4. Advanced Keylock Mechanisms

Are you worried that your door wouldn’t hold up if someone really wanted to break in? Many people are finding it advantageous and comforting to install additional keylock mechanisms on their entry doors.

The Haven Mech is a great example of a unique product in this space. It goes on the bottom of the door and prevents unwanted entry into your home. It’s made with sturdy aluminum, steel, and glass-reinforced nylon, and can be unlocked with a Bluetooth-enabled key fob.

Keep Your Family Safe

There’s no sense in living your life in constant fear. By protecting your home with security devices and solutions, you can safeguard your family and your possessions, while also giving yourself a little peace of mind.

The home security market is innovating at a rapid pace and it would be negligent to not consider some of the solutions highlighted in this article.

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