Pitaka Aramid MagCase and MagMount for the Samsung Galaxy Note8 Review

Shortly after purchasing a Samsung Galaxy Note8, I sent an email to Pitaka asking if they’d be coming out with a case for my shiny new phablet. The Pitaka Aramid case had quickly become my favorite super-thin iPhone 7+ case, and I really hoped they’d have something similar in store for the Note8. They do, it’s the Pitaka Aramid MagCase.

Pitaka Aramid MagCase and MagMount for the Samsung Galaxy Note8 Review

What sets the Pitaka Aramid MagCase apart from their regular Aramid cases is that it has thin magnets strategically fused into the Aramid  — meaning that the MagCase will work with Pitaka’s Mag line without interfering with wireless charging.

Pitaka Aramid MagCase and MagMount for the Samsung Galaxy Note8 Review

Pitaka’s Mag line includes the MagBar, MagBar Pro (coming soon), the MagMount Qi, and the MagMount. The MagBars and the MagMounts will not only hold your phone in a MagCase, they will also work with the aluminum and carbon fiber MagWallets.

Pitaka Aramid MagCase and MagMount for the Samsung Galaxy Note8 Review

Let’s start with the case …

Pitaka Aramid MagCase for Samsung Galaxy Note8

The Pitaka Aramid MagCase is so thin that my Note8 almost looks naked when you look at it head on; there is no extra bulk and no extra weight, yet my Note8 is safely ensconced in a protective case.

Pitaka Aramid MagCase and MagMount for the Samsung Galaxy Note8 Review

I went into all of the specifics about why Aramid is so awesome in my iPhone 7 Plus case review, but here’s a quick refresher.

Unlike carbon fiber, Aramid does nothing to block radio waves, so you won’t sacrifice signal strength for that woven carbon fiber look and protection we all love. Aramid is fire resistant, scratch resistant, and it doesn’t show fingerprints; its color won’t fade, and it is super strong.

I can testify to Aramid’s strength; my jet black iPhone 7 Plus has been dropped countless times when in its Pitaka case, and my old phone looks as good as brand new. I haven’t yet dropped my Note8, but I have no doubt that when (not if) it happens, it will be just fine.

The black and grey twill looks nice, especially if you like the woven look of carbon fiber. There aren’t any other color combos available (at least, as of yet), but I like the look of this on my black Note8. The Aramid is grippy, yet not tacky — the case will easily slip into your pocket, but it won’t slip out of your hand.

The Pitaka Aramid MagCase dips down low on the Note8’s curved sides, but it comes up just past the screen on the top and bottom; this affords some facedown protection, but it would be prudent to put a screen protector on your phone just to be safe. This case is made to play nicely with any Note8 screen protector, so you can confidently go with your favorite.

The cutouts for the S Pen, microphones, speaker, and headphone jack are precise, and there are dips on the sides to accommodate the buttons. The use of Aramid versus carbon fiber means that all of your wireless functions will continue to work without impedance, but the case is strong, and it will protect your phone from drops.

The $49.99 Pitaka Aramid MagCase is my favorite Note8 case yet; with it, I can confidently carry my Note8, but it doesn’t disguise the phone’s sleek curves or add unnecessary weight. It’s the next best thing to carrying my phone naked.

Pitaka MagMount

If you like to use your phone for navigation while driving, or if you need a place to put it for easy viewing during handsfree operation, then that’s where the $9.99 Pitaka MagMount comes in.

Pitaka Aramid MagCase and MagMount for the Samsung Galaxy Note8 Review

There are three different magnetic mount versions available for the same price: the suction cup, CD slot, or the car vent mount that I was sent. Included in the package are the MagMount and a metal plate that can be stuck to the back of your case if you don’t already have one that is MagMount compatible. That method is fine, but the whole system is so much sleeker if you just get the MagCase.

The MagMount has 10 “N52 grade super powerful magnets” built into its surface, so it will securely hold your phone when you place it on the mount’s surface.

Pitaka Aramid MagCase and MagMount for the Samsung Galaxy Note8 Review

The back of the mount has a 360º swivel ball with a thumbscrew so you can tighten it to face whichever way works best with your vent.

Pitaka Aramid MagCase and MagMount for the Samsung Galaxy Note8 Review

The clip on the end securely grips to just about any air vent fin.

Here it is, holding my phone in the 2018 Kia Stinger. It’s perfect! And when I move to another car, it’s simple to just pull it off of the vent and move it to the next vehicle — although, at $9.99 it’s inexpensive enough to get more than one.

So there you have it — the thinnest Note8 case and the perfect mount for easy viewing in your vehicle. If you’ve got a Note8, then you’ll want this combo!

The Pitaka Aramid MagCase for the Samsung Galaxy Note8 retails for $49.99, and the Pitaka  MagMount retails for $9.99; they are available directly from the manufacturer.

Source: Manufacturer supplied review sample

What I Like: The Pitaka Aramid MagCase is incredibly thin yet strong; There is no interference between Qi charging and the Note8 when it’s in this case; Perfectly form-fitting and adds virtually no weight or bulk to the Note8; The MagMount is easy to install and securely holds the Note8 at a great viewing angle

What Needs Improvement: It would be smart to add a screen protector to your phone when in this case, but otherwise everything is grand

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  2. It takes a moment of fiddling to make sure you’ve got everything where it needs to be so that the vent won’t flop once the phone is added, but the vent clip holds very well.

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