The Brando Ultra Clear Protector Plus Review

Mitchell and I recently reviewed the Proporta Advanced Screen Protector, a perfect example of a silicone-based adhesive protector with a matte finish providing anti-glare properties and a paper-like writing surface . Today I am going to go to the other extreme and take a look at the Brando Ultra Clear Protector Plus, which as the name implies is a very clear protector that provides an experience as close to that of writing on a PDA’s naked screen as possible – without the worry of scratching.

Let’s take a look…

Included in the package is…the protector.

Unlike the Proporta ASP, the Ultra Clear’s package does not contain a squeegee, nor does it contain a reusable microfiber cloth. Although it’s no problem to replace the squeegee by using a credit or ID card, unless you already own a microfiber cloth you may want (need!)to get one. After all, the screen still needs to be thoroughly cleaned and prepped before the protector is applied, and the protected screen will need to be occasionally wiped after installing the protector – even more so than a matte version would, because the clear protectors attract fingerprints and face grease when the screen in question is on a PDA phone. But I digress…

As is the case with many of the crystal clear protectors I have reviewed in the past, the Ultra Clear has two protective films which must be removed during installation. The first, labeled “1”, covers the silicone based adhesive. It should be slowly peeled back as the protector is rolled onto the clean screen. The Brando Ultra Clear is perfectly cut to cover as much of the PDA’s screen as is possible.

For this reason, just as I found when applying the Proporta on the HTC Advantage’s large rectangular screen, the application process went much more smoothly when I applied the protector with the screen in the landscape orientation versus portrait mode.

After the screen protector has been installed and any air bubbles have been smoothed out, the second film (labeled “2”, natch!) should be peeled off to reveal the glass-like writing surface. I like that the Brando protector has easy to grasp tabs for each of the disposable film’s removal; believe me – this is not always the case. Although there are larger tragedies in the world, there is nothing more frustrating during protector installation than trying to work a fingernail under a disposable film that will not lift, especially when you know it is supposed to.

The adhesive on the Ultra Clear is the silicone based type which is wonderful for lifting, repositioning, removing, washing, and ultimately reinstalling the protector. The glass-like surface is slightly less scratch-resistant than the matte versions, but it will still last for months, possibly years, depending upon your usage. As with other advanced protectors, as long as you aren?t a heavy stylus-based gamer, and as long as you generally use a lighter hand when writing in block recognizer, then the Ultra Clear may be the last protector you will ever buy.

As I mentioned in the Proporta ASP review, if the PDA’s screen should ever just seem totally dirty, or if you have a serious mishap while installing the protector (like dropping it onto the ground or something), the Brando Ultra Clear can always be washed with a dab of hand soap in tepid water. After it has dried, the protector can be reapplied. Any little particles or stray hairs that get between the protector and screen can be removed by lifting the protector with a piece of clear tape and using the sticky side of a second piece of clear tape to capture the offending bits.

It’s gorgeous, but the screen is now an official fingerprint magnet. 😛

The trade-off for the protector’s fingerprint magnet properties is that you get a beautifully protected screen that can be used without worry. Colors shine through it in their original splendour, and the stylus glides across the protector’s surface as if it were the original glass.

If you want a protector that will provide a writing and viewing experience closest to a naked screen, then there is no need to look further than the long-lasting Brando Ultra Clear Protector Plus.

The Brando Ultra Clear Protector Plus is available directly from the manufacturer as well as from other retailers.
MSRP: $ 17.00
What I Like: Easy installation; may be lifted, repositioned, removed, cleaned, and ultimately reused; long lasting; clearest possible protection; glass-like feel for those who prefer that
What Needs Improvement: Extra tight fit – a screen protector noob might get frustrated by the installation; For $17, the package should include at least a small microfiber cloth – because this type protector will attract fingerprints and face grease

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