Just Mobile ShutterGrip Is a Grab-and-Go Camera Control for Your Smartphone

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It doesn’t matter which mobile phone you’re using — if you are trying to take photos or selfies by pressing an on-screen button or one of the tiny buttons on your phone’s side, you can wind up missing (or blurring) the shot. The Just Mobile ShutterGrip is set up to be an easy Bluetooth solution.

Just Mobile ShutterGrip Is a Grab-and-Go Camera Control for Your Smartphone

Available in black, blue, or gold, the Just Mobile ShutterGrip attaches to your mobile phone and it not only gives you a better, more secure way to grip your phone, it also gives you a large dedicated shutter button that controls your phone’s camera via Bluetooth.


There’s no proprietary Bluetooth app — with the ShutterGrip, you can control your phone when it is attached to the grip or when your phone is as far as 33 feet away. You can even screw the ShutterGrip into a tripod while it holds your phone.

The JustMobile ShutterGrip is simple, elegant, and affordable; it’s also pocketable.

Want one? They are still available on Kickstarter for just $28; get your order in for December delivery.

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