Get Ready for some Holiday Meals Courtesy of Gourmia

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Get Ready for some Holiday Meals Courtesy of Gourmia Listen to this article

Prior to receiving the Electric Slicer, I suffered with a cheap food dicer I purchased on Black Friday for about $8. The issue I had with the chopper is honestly, it was not powerful enough to cut even the most simple items such as Onions and Celery.

That’s far in the past now courtesy of the multi-functions of the 5-in-1 dicer by Gourmia. Being able to chop, slice, grate, and shred virtually everything you can think of which to me has been paramount in my meal prepping. I’ve chopped everything from celery sticks, to my own homemade French fries which brings me to an extra Gourmia album that I absolutely love.

Get Ready for some Holiday Meals Courtesy of Gourmia

Gourmia’s GAF520 Electric Air Fryer is Gourmia’s latest product that over the course of a few weeks have made me not only eat a bit healthier but allowed me to cook things in a simple one button press. If you’ve never used an Air Fryer, it’s essentially a means of cooking your foods completely, all while reducing the amount of fat and calories that oils and extra ingredients will give you if you cooked it normally. Prior to the Electric Air Fryer, I used to purchase bagged French fries, waffle fries, and would even make my chicken wings with all of the terrible oils and flour from my local grocery store.

ThermoWorks Thermapen Mk4

With the Electric Air Fryer by Gourmia, all you have to do is virtually set the food into the basket and all of your food will fry, bake and roast completely without having to excessively check it thanks to Gourmia’s own cookbook that comes including telling you the estimates of how long and what temperatures to cook your meals. Even better, the GAF520 has adjustable temperature controls which show up on the front of the Air Fryer via a Blue LED display so accurately show you the remaining time of your meal. While I don’t think I’ll completely switch from Sous Vide-ing my steaks and chicken, the Gourmet Electric Air Fryer has allowed me to enjoy healthier chicken tenders and sweet potato waffle fries. If you’re interested in the Gourmet GAF520 Electric Air Fryer, head directly to Gourmia today.

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What I Like: All of Gourmia’s included items do not take up a lot of space int he kitchen, and all work effectively.

What Needs Improvement: Nothing


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