The XDesk Vintage Line of Standing Desks Is a Gorgeous, Albeit Pricey, New Line of Standing Desks

I love my standing desk. (Read the review) After the review, I purchased a larger version of the same for my office at the temple. I love it but have to admit it’s a bit on the utilitarian side. Now one standing desk company, NextDesk, has rebranded as XDesk and introduced the Vintage line of standing desks. They’re anything but utilitarian.

The new XDesk Vintage line of standing desks was “inspired by a time when furniture was a handcrafted art form.” They take old world design and craftsmanship and merge it with the most current standing desk technology. The desks and accessories that are part of the new line are all made with high-quality materials such as sustainable woods and solid steel. The result are functional works of art that are both durable AND beautiful. But there’s more. The collection also includes enclosed/executive sit-to-stand desks, something that has not been seen among the growing range of sit/stand desk. It takes the sit/stand desk to new heights, allowing it to be an executive desk. All of the designs were inspired by the company’s Texas roots. The Vintage Line was built to last, is manufactured in Texas and looks amazing. They are, as one might expect, priced accordingly.

Before we get to the impressive aesthetics of the new line, let’s take a quick look at some of the technology built into these new desks.

The XDesk Vintage Line packs in new, state-of-the-art tech that includes:

  • Quad lifting columns for increased strength, stability, and speed (most sit-to-stand desks have two lifting columns)
  • Active Safety Protection (ASP), a hardware-based sensor system that detects obstacles within milliseconds and automatically reverses the movement of the desk.
  • And some of the key features that NextDesk customers have come to love including Harmon Kardon sound systems, built-in USB, and audio ports, and additional storage.

The XDesk Vintage line consists of four models: the Porter, the Wynstone, the Copland and the Dalton. As notes, all of the desks are constructed from sustainable wood and solid steel and are manufactured and handcrafted in Texas.

The Porter has an MSRP of $4485.

The Wynstone has an MSRP of $5270.

The Copland has an MSRP of $5775.

The Dalton has an MSRP of $6320.

The company describes the Xdesk Vintage as “Pure by Tradition.” They go on to say,

Their fascinating lines and materials set them apart from every other desk on earth and make them truly unique. For the first time in its history, Xdesk offers a completely enclosed desk, with four hidden power adjustable columns. The added strength of four power columns means Xdesk vintage raises and lowers with the sort of certain authority that characterizes the character of the Vintage line. Transitions from sitting to standing now happen in a mere 5 seconds.

Each of the desks features electric columns, a desktop of either steel or wood, weigh 600 pounds and move at 1.7” per second. The Dalton is the only one of the line that is open. The others all have an enclosure that not only provides privacy but also offers an added sense of professionalism.


  • A natural steel finish eliminates the need for paint while providing a beautiful patina
  • There are three desktops from which to choose, Steel, Rustic Wood and Rustic Wood with a Steel Edge. Rustic Wood is the standard top while the Steel Desktop costs a $415 premium and the Rustic Wood with Steel Edge is an additional $265.
  • All-new qualifying columns that deliver power and stability
  • New Active Safety Collision Protection (ASP) for enhanced safety
  • Wider, stronger solid welded steel frame for maximum stability
  • Autonomous movement–no need to hold the button during transition
  • Digital LED display indicating height selection

All of the desks measure 30” deep and 72” wide. They come preassembled at the factory with only final assembly is required. The final assembly takes 30 minutes, and for those who don’t think they are up to the task, final assembly is available for an additional $375.

The company is also offering a range of accessories to add to the desks’ functionality.

A Vintage Filing Cabinet is $590. (Adding coasters adds $110 to the price.)

A Vintage 5 Shelf unite costs $765.

A Vintage Open Console is $1485.

A Vintage Combo Shelf with Iron Doors and large drawers is $2460.

A Vintage Industrial Office Console is $2575.

Obviously, the new line from XDesk is not for the looking to purchase a standing desk on a budget. If, however, you have the money to spend, you won’t find a better-looking standing desk.

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